Bowl Bound: December 29th Games (Part 2)

Continuing from yesterday’s games, we have the last batch of three for today. My current tally sits at 9-6; we’ll now kick things off with the Texas Bowl where the LSU Tigers face the Texas Tech Red Raiders.


  • LSU can out-run Texas Tech, meanwhile Texas Tech can out-pass LSU.

LSU gets on the board first with some very good blocking to crack off a 43-yard touchdown run to go up 7-0.  After the LSU score, Texas Tech gets the ball on their 24-yard line to start their drive…where they are sacked twice and fumble on the third down where LSU recovers it at the one-yard line.  LSU’s offense goes on to the field and easily adds another seven points to their lead.  Texas Tech works their way to LSU’s 22-yard line where they are held up on third down and decide to try and convert for the first down.  It works and they keep their drive going making it to the one-yard line before dropping two easy catches and eventually catching the last one for a touchdown.  LSU still holds the lead 14-7 at the start of the second quarter.  LSU spends half the second quarter moving the ball down the field to Texas Tech’s 14-yard line and eventually they try to convert on 4th and 2, but the Red Raider defense holds up and forces the turnover on downs.  Four plays later, Texas Tech ties the game up at 14 with a minute and a half left in the second. LSU takes the lead with three seconds left in the first quarter as they move down field to make an easy 20-yard field goal to go up 17-14.

The Red Raiders get the ball to start the second half and use the first minute to move down the field and retake the lead with a TD run, now up 21-17 over LSU.  LSU shows a solid drive immediately after that by using their very effective running game as they move down to the goal line…then throw an interception in the endzone.  Third quarter ends after a Texas Tech punt with LSU taking over again near midfield.  On this drive, LSU is trying to retake the lead but Texas Tech picks them off as they are trying to convert on fourth down.  The Red Raiders move down field and grab another TD to increase their lead to 11, the score is now 28-17 with two minutes left in the game.  LSU takes over and is sacked three consecutive times, so they decide to try and convert on fourth and 28…they get a 29-yard pass for the first down.  That’s pretty much where the game ends, LSU tries one final throw into the endzone as time expires and it bounces off a couple people and is eventually pulled in by a Texas Tech player.


Next up we have the Russell Athletic Bowl where we will be seeing the Baylor Bears play the North Carolina Tar Heels (ew…).


North Carolina gets the ball to start the game, but Baylor quickly sends them off the field with some solid defense. Baylor takes over after the punt and efficiently moves the ball into their endzone to grab the lead 7-0 with three minutes to play in the first quarter.  North Carolina responds with their own scoring drive by moving down the field with short passes and eventually running into the endzone for the touchdown.  First quarter ends with the score tied at seven, second quarter starts with UNC managing to score another TD and taking the lead 14-7.  A minute later, Baylor moves the ball 79 yards and has tied the game up again at 14 each with just under four minutes left to play in the first half.  On third and seven, Baylor runs an option play with the QB keeping it right as he is about to cross the mark for a first down…he fumbles it and UNC recovers it.  Unfortunately, North Carolina does nothing with that turnover and is forced to punt the ball back to Baylor.  45 seconds left in the half and Baylor finds a man wide open over the middle for the go-ahead touchdown, taking the lead 21-14.

First set of downs in the third quarter and Baylor does nothing but punting the ball away to North Carolina, where the field it around midfield.  Taking over after the punt, the Tar Heels get to Baylor’s 30-yard line but are held up on fourth down as they try to convert for a first down and fail.  Baylor moves the ball downfield after that and grabs a touchdown with a weird diving catch to end the third quarter.  To start the fourth quarter, UNC gets a couple of huge-gain runs and grabs their own touchdown making the score 28-21 in favor of Baylor with plenty of time left.  A minute and a half left in the game and North Carolina ties the game up at 28.  Will we head into overtime?  Baylor is driving to score, they get picked off near midfield; North Carolina takes over and also gets picked off on their first play.

To answer the earlier question, yes, we are headed to OT.  Truthfully, we didn’t need to as Baylor moved down to UNC’s five-yard line and just ran the clock out.  They had three timeout’s left and could have used one of them to stop the clock and give them plenty of time to kick a game winning field goal.  The upside?  Free football…sorta. T he Tar Heels start off overtime by getting sacked twice…make that three times.  On 4th and 22, the Tar Heels get a man wide open over the middle and grab the 35-28 lead in OT.  Baylor, you’re up now.  Baylor answers the call by waiting for a pass to develop and no one is open so the QB just decides to run it in.  Now tied (again) at 35 with Baylor given the opportunity to score first.  They do, now we’re at 42-35 with UNC needing to score to keep the game going.  So far, overtime has been more interesting than the entirety of the rest of the game.  By the way, it’s now tied at 42 again.  Triple OT’s anyone? In the third overtime, UNC is forced to settle for three points taking the lead now 45-42…Baylor, you’re up…again.  For the fans of both teams and those watching, I hope this game is as exciting as the simulation was.


Final game for the day is the absurdly long named Nova Home Loans Arizona Bowl.  Colorado State takes on Nevada.

Colorado State strikes first by wasting half the first quarter moving the ball down the field and grabs a TD, up 7-0 over Nevada.  Nothing else happens in the first quarter as both teams trade downs and Nevada is punting the ball away to start the second quarter.  Much like the first quarter, CSU spends half the quarter moving the ball down the field to grab a second touchdown.  Now leading 14-0. Colorado State tacks on another touchdown with a minute left in the first half…Nevada has yet to score.  Oh look, 20 seconds left in the first half and another TD by CSU.  This is going to be like the Indiana and Duke game I can tell.  Well would you look at that, somehow Nevada manages a field goal. At least they won’t be shutout!
Colorado State obviously wants to have as many points as possible to they grab another touchdown late in the third quarter.  Now leading 35-3, can the impossible happen?  Can Nevada come back from a 32 point deficit to win…or at least score another field goal and/or touchdown?  Yes, and no.  They manage to grab a touchdown as the third quarter nears an end.  Midway through the fourth quarter, CSU adds another three points now up 38-10.


It’s been a fun and interesting bowl season so far and I am very excited to see how it ends.  Both in real life and in my simulations.  I’m also really anxious to talk about Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, I think I mentioned it before but it is probably my favorite of the franchise right now.


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