Bowl Bound: December 30th Games

So when writing this post, I discovered I screwed up and had California playing Army in the aptly named Armed Forces Bowl.  I was wrong, they played the Air Force…either way my prediction was still correct and California won.  After yesterdays games my current tally sits at 11-8, and we have four more games up today.  To start things off, we’ll go with the Belk Bowl where NC State squares off against Mississippi State.


  • Not even one play into the game and we have an injury. An NC State player got hurt on the kickoff…poor guy.

NC State does a fair job at moving the ball downfield to about the forty-yard line until they get picked off by Miss. State.  Mississippi State gets nothing form this as NC States’ defense holds them to three quick plays and are forced to punt.  NC State makes their way back to the 24-yard line and settles for the field goal late in the first quarter, now up 3-0 over Mississippi State.  First quarter ends with Mississippi State punting the ball back to NC State; second quarter begins with NC State throwing a 24-yard TD pass to the receiver who was wide open in the endzone going up 10-0.  Mississippi State gets a nice 27-yard pass over the middle to set up on the three-yard line on first and goal.  On the following play the QB decides to do the work himself and punches it in for six, now down 10-7 midway through the second quarter.  NC State puts on another scoring drive with 40 seconds left in the first half increasing their lead back to ten points.

Mississippi State gets back within three midway through the third quarter as they work down to the goal line and the QB does the work again.  Making the score 17-14 in favor of NC State yet.  Late in the third, NC State moves downfield again and grabs another field goal to make it a 20-14 game.  Just over a minute and a half left in the game, NC State grabs another TD to probably put this one out of reach for Mississippi State; however, they do fail the two-point conversion so there is still a chance.  A very, slim chance but a chance nonetheless!  Oh…well they just got picked off so now there is no chance.



Next up is the Birmingham Bowl which will take the Auburn Tigers and place them against the Memphis…Tigers. You know what, I’m calling this the Tiger Bowl instead.


  • The first not-so-annual Tiger Bowl
  • Commentator: “Touchdown, Tigers!” Which Tigers?

Two minutes and seven seconds into the game, Memphis gets on the board first with a 42-yard field goal.  Another two minutes later and the Tigers of the Auburn variety grab their own field goal to tie the game up at three with less than a minute left in the first quarter.  First quarter comes to a close and we see Memphis take the lead with another field goal to start the second.  A play later, Auburn decides to score the first touchdown and takes the lead 10-6.  Memphis makes a drive down to Auburn’s 26-yard line but are eventually sacked three times and are forced to attempt a 46-yard field goal.  The kickers range is around 42-yards, but not 46-yards apparently as he misses.

Auburn comes out in the second half and puts on a quick scoring drive to go up 17-6 over the “other” Tigers.  After a questionable pass by Memphis is picked off, Auburn turns it into another seven points now making the score 24-6 with a quarter and a half left to play.  To start the fourth quarter, we see Auburn about ten-yards out from adding another touchdown to their score but it gets picked off by Memphis and shuts down that scoring opportunity.  Unfortunately, Memphis converts a couple of first downs but get stopped on 4th and 6 for a turnover on downs.  45 seconds left in the game and Auburn adds another TD to go up 31-6…pretty sure we know the outcome of this game now.



Next we have the Holiday Bowl where the Wisconsin Badgers take on the USC Trojans.


USC marches downfield to get to Wisconsin’s 14-yard line, but the Badger defense holds up and keeps USC to a field goal.  The Trojans are up 3-0 with two minutes left in the first quarter.  Until Wisconsin throws and interception three plays later where USC returns it for a TD, now up 10-0.  A minute later and USC adds another 7 points to their lead with a 64-yard TD pass.  Does Wisconsin want to…I don’t know, start playing?  They kinda do…Wisconsin works their way to the five-yard line where USC holds stops them and forces a turnover on downs.  USC quickly responds by moving to the 11, and then just runs it in for the score. 24-0 with three minutes left in the second.  Late in the second quarter, Wisconsin decides to do the smart thing…and throw another interception.  Then USC throws an interception two plays later.  Wisconsin ends the scoreless drought by putting up a field goal as time expires in the first half.  They’re now only down 24-3!

Receiving the ball in the second half, the Badgers make a solid drive to the five-yard line and unfortunately they choke (or USC’s defense is really good according to this game) and settle with a field goal.  Trojans still leading 24-6 late in the third quarter.  USC decided to pull some trickery out of their playbook and tries to throw for a first down on fourth and inches (because running is lame) and they get picked off…so effectively the same thing happened if they had actually punted just in a more stat-padding and dramatic way rather.  Oh, by the way, that’s how the third quarter ended.  Fourth quarter starts by Wisconsin moving downfield, stalling on third and two, fumbling on fourth and two, recovering and still turning over the ball.  GG Wisconsin!


Final game of the day is the Music City Bowl, where we’ll see the Texas A&M Aggies take on the Louisville Cardinals.



The Aggies get the ball to start the game and have two huge plays, one run and one passing.  They manage to throw a pass right on the goal line and eventually get into the endzone for the touchdown.  Louisville responds by getting their own touchdown late in the first quarter, game is now tied at seven each.  Texas A&M are making their way to the endzone again with a solid drive…until they get intercepted in the endzone to end the first.  Near the start of the second quarter, Texas A&M gets stalled near midfield but says “We want points!”  So obviously the only thing to do is kick a 57-yard field goal to give them said points.  With two minutes left in the half, Louisville moves downfield and settles for a field goal to tie the game up at ten.  Several traded downs later, the Aggies find themselves in the endzone to close out the first half with a 17-10 lead over the Cardinals.

Most of the third quarter is uneventful, biggest thing to happen at the midway point is Texas A&M grabbing another field goal. Oh…wait, what’s this?  Did the Aggies just get a pick-six?  Yes, yes they did.  Just under two minutes left in the third, Aggies are up 27-10.  As the third quarter comes to a close, we see Louisville punting the ball away…which they’ve done a lot of this game.  Two minutes left in the game and Louisville add an extra TD; that’s pretty much where this game ends though.  Louisville can’t get the ball back on the onside kick and it’s just basic clock management from Texas A&M until the game is over.

So there are todays games, I’ve had a good record so far and I’m hoping it can stay that way honestly.  It’d be nice to have more than one game in the “win” column or it be tied.


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