Bowl Bound: December 31st Games

Going into todays games with a 13-10 record, we have two very important games as they will decide who plays for the national championship on January 11th. We’ve got the Orange, Cotton, and Peach Bowls up today. Let’s tackle (horrible pun not intended) Peach Bowl first where Houston will take on Florida State.

Houston has a steady drive to bring them to first and goal at FSU’s three-yard line and on the following play they punch it into the endzone for a touchdown.  After three wasted downs by Florida State they are forced to punt and once Houston takes over, they immediately find themselves back in the endzone for another touchdown.  Now 14-0 late in the first quarter over the Seminoles.  First quarter comes to a close with the above score as both teams trade sets of downs.  Florida State spends most of the second quarter moving the ball downfield slowly and manage to get to Houston’s seven-yard line.  Unfortunately, they make some pretty stupid play calls and end up taking a field goal.  Houston still leads 14-3 with 45 seconds left in the first half.  Last play of the first half consisted of Houston throwing a deep pass to the endzone and it getting picked off by FSU as time expired.

The Seminoles have a good drive going to possibly score in the third quarter…until they throw an interception.  Houston now takes over at midfield.  Houston takes advantage of the interception and comes up with another seven points to increase their lead to 18 late in the third.  FSU has yet another promising drive going but can’t convert on a much needed fourth down and give the ball back to Houston with just under three minutes left in the fourth.

Our final game for today is the Cotton Bowl and much like the Orange Bowl, the winner of it will be playing in the national title game. The Michigan State Spartans will take on the Alabama Crimson Tide.

MSU comes out strong…until they reach midfield and are forced to punt.  Actually, they so “NO! WE WILL NOT PUNT!” and instead fake the punt and throw an interception.  Wait, that’s not how it works guys.  The Crimson Tide take advantage of the not-punt and grab the lead with a 54-yard TD pass midway through the first quarter.  MSU responds by marching down the field and grabbing a short 7-yard TD pass to tie the game up at seven.  MSU holds Alabama around midfield and forces a punt, but then MSU fumbles on their next play and Alabama recovers it.  In turn this gives them great starting field position to run it in for the 14-7 lead.

After the majority of the third quarter is slow and filled with traded downs, Michigan State finally puts up another TD to tie the game up at 14.  Third quarter comes to an end with nothing more happening during it.  The fourth quarter starts off differently however, as Alabama throws a deep pass towards the endzone and the receiver catches it, gets hit and the ball comes out as MSU scoops it up for a fumble recovery.  Three plays later though, the Spartans throw an interception.  A few drives later and Michigan State is on their way down to the endzone, but Alabama’s defense holds them to a field goal.  Eleven seconds left, ‘Bama has time to comeba-…get picked off I mean.


Personally, I’m hoping that MSU does pull out the win and that Oklahoma wins instead of Clemson.  It would be neat to see a Big 12 / Big 10 title game, because screw the SEC.



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