Bowl Bound: January 1st Games

Happy New Year’s everyone! Hope you had a good 2015 and that 2016 treats you right. After the games yesterday the current, up to date tally 15-11 we have five games (!) total today. First up is the Outback Bowl where the Tennessee Volunteers take on the Northwestern Wildcats (ew…).

Tennessee scores first by marching down the field to grab a seven-nothing lead a couple minutes into the first quarter.  Northwestern responds late in the first with their own touchdown after nearly getting held up on fourth down a couple of times.  Nearing the second quarter, the score is tied at seven each.  Not to be outdone, Tennessee throws a pass downfield and the receiver makes a move after the grab and has another six points for the Vols.  To end the first quarter, the Wildcats grab a few huge runs and get into the endzone again to tie the game up at fourteen.  The point-fest looked to continue into the second quarter as Tennessee was in good position to score, that was, until they couldn’t convert for a first down on fourth and one.  However, Northwestern decides to continue putting up points as they grab the go-ahead TD with a minute and a half left in the second quarter, now up 21-14 over Tennessee.  Tennessee decides to tie the game up again with a late touchdown in the second quarter. Now tied at 21 at the half.

Both teams waste their first drives of the second half, with a few sacks and dropped passes.  Northwestern takes the last three minutes of the third quarter to mount a drive to five-yard line, but Tennessee’s defense stops them and holds them to a field goal.  The Wildcats are back in front again 24-21 at the start of the fourth quarter.  A couple minutes later, Northwestern adds to their lead with another touchdown.  Can the Volunteers make the comeback? Well…they probably could have at least brought it back within three points if it were not for throwing that interception.


Next up is the Citrus Bowl where the Florida Gators take on the Michigan Wolverines.


  • It’s pretty boring watching Michigan waste drives…

The Gators score first with a 30-yard TD pass after Michigan wastes their first drive of the game.  Late in the first quarter Michigan looks to be in position to score a TD…or not.  Just throw an interception…that’s okay guys.  Michigan finally gets their act together and throw a couple of nice, deep passes to set up at the goal line.  Since they are so close to scoring, they actually do so in order to tie the game up at seven with two minutes left in the first half.  45 seconds left in the half and Michigan picks off Florida to end their chance at taking the lead.  Michigan’s next set of plays follows this pattern; sack, sack, sack, line up for a punt to waste the last 20 seconds of the half.

Florida kicks off the second half by getting three injuries…ouch.  Then punting because they can’t get anything going.  Michigan sucks…I mean does the same thing and gets nowhere with the ball.  Florida moves it about 30-yards before fumbling it and recovering it again but gets nowhere after that.  Third quarter ends with Michigan working down to the goal line again.  Fourth quarter starts with their running back literally rolling over a few fellow Wolverines and some Gators into the endzone to take the lead 14-7.  Can Florida respond with just a few minute left?  Yes, they do.  A minute and a half left, can something crazy happen?

Answer:  No.  Overtime here we come.  Michigan strikes first in overtime by simply running it in.  Huh, who knew that worked?  Yo, Florida, you’re up.  One play later, they answer…the game is tied.  Again…  Another overtime, Florida scores first.  You know the drill Michigan.  Fourth and 12, one last chance for Michigan to tie the game up. Except they get sacked.


Next game on the agenda is the Fiesta Bowl. In which we will see the Notre Dame Fighting Irish take on the Ohio State Buckeyes.

A couple minutes into the first quarter, OSU is on the board with a touchdown.  Notre Dame works their way downfield and is forced to settle for a 45-yard field goal, making the score 7-3 in favor of OSU late in the first quarter.  Second quarter starts and we see OSU going for a first down on fourth and one, they get it and a little extra as they continue their march towards the goal line.  That march proves successful as they find themselves in the endzone for a TD to go up 14-3.  OSU tacks on another field goal because that’s what the cool teams do is make field goals.  ND tries to make a last second field goal to end the half, but miss it way to the left.  Therefore, that makes them NOT COOL.

To start the second half, Notre Dame wastes their first drive of the half and OSU takes over near midfield after a terrible punt.  OSU is trying to make another scoring drive and get to ND’s 30-yard line…where they throw an interception about five-yards out from the endzone.  The Fighting Irish take the ball to OSU’s 45 and the Buckeyes decide to return the favor of that previous interception.  Two plays later, OSU decides to throw another interception and if it wasn’t for the ever-amazing Ezekiel Elliot, it would have been a pick-six for the Irish.  Since they didn’t get the six points on the interception they just let their QB run it in for them on an option. OSU still leads 17-10 with a minute and a half left in the third quarter.  Would you look at this…OSU gets picked off (again).  First and ten for Notre Dame at the OSU 27.  The Buckeye defense holds up and keeps ND to a field goal, still leading 17-13 though.  Not to worry though, OSU adds another touchdown to go back ahead by 11 midway through the fourth quarter.  A minute and 40 seconds left in the game and OSU seals the game by tacking on another TD to make the score 31-13 well in their favor.  ND grabs a late TD to bring the score up to 31-19 after they fail a two-point conversion.



Fourth game for today is probably the most known of all of these games. It gets a parade and everything. The Rose Bowl. The Stanford Cardinal will take on the Iowa Hawkeyes (eh…) On a personal note, I’m pulling for the Hawkeyes to win regardless of this simulation.


  • Iowa…please do something. Anything.

Iowa blows away their first drive and are forced to punt it away.  Stanford spends a couple minutes moving down the field after the punt and charge in for a touchdown.  Up 7-0 over the Hawkeyes.  Iowa wastes another turn with the ball and Stanford moves it down field with a couple of big passing plays and are putting themselves together what looks to be another scoring drive as the first quarter ends.  A few seconds into the second and the Cardinal tack on another set of points, now up 14-0.  Late second quarter, the Hawkeyes finally grab some points in the form of a 26-yard TD pass to someone wide open in the left hand side of the endzone.  Really late in the second quarter, Stanford adds another TD in their favor increasing their lead back 14 again.

The only thing to happen during the third quarter is Iowa manages to tack on another field goal making the score 21-10 still in favor of Stanford.  Speaking of them, they use the back half of the third quarter to move down to the goal line and immediately score at the start of the fourth quarter.  Midway through the fourth, Iowa has a decent looking drive going with a deep pass to the endzone…wait, it’s been picked off.  Nevermind.



Final game for the day, the Sugar Bowl. Ole Miss takes on Oklahoma State.


Not going to lie, I tuned out most of the first quarter as I was watching The Walking Dead.  Priorities people!  However, Ole Miss gets on the board first with 47-yard field goal just over two minutes into the first.  First quarter comes to a close with the field goal being the only thing worth noting that happens.  Late in the second quarter Oklahoma State moves the ball effectively and grabs a TD to go up 7-3.  Really late in the second quarter, OK. State adds on another touchdown to go up 14-3 at the half.

Ole Miss kicks off the third quarter (actually they do, yes, but get the ball back) by working their way down to the five-yard line and end up fumbling the ball with Oklahoma State recovering.  The booth decides to take a look at the ruling and determine that the refs were wrong.  Huh…a bad call by the officials, who knew?  So Ole Miss gets the ball back but are held to a field goal, still down but now it 14-6.  Silver linings!  Late in the third, Oklahoma State adds another TD to their ever growing score…well okay it’s now 21-6.  Near the start of the final quarter, Ole Miss adds another TD pus the first successful two-point conversion of this years games.  Now they are only one touchdown away from tying the game up.  Please no, not another game that goes into OT.  Oklahoma State says “Not so fast” as they grab another TD and go back out in front my fourteen.  The game is pretty much over, not because of that last touchdown but more so the interception that shuts down Ole Miss’s opportunities of scoring again.



So there we have it.  Four more games tomorrow and the big one on the 11th.  Now I will go back to binging on TWD.


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