The Quest For Tasty Cereal: 2016 Edition

Well, this most likely will be a brief post and it kind of sucks to write it.  If you’ve been following my posts for the past few years, you know that I normally do a series called Bowl Bound around this time of the year.  If not, or you don’t want to sort through 48 posts to find out what Bowl Bound is; I basically take all of the collegiate bowl and playoff games that happen at the end of the season and simulate them to find out who wins.  It is super scientific since I’m using a three and a half year (hey, at least we’re past those Terrible Two’s stage!) old game and rely on the NCAA Football community (the games community, not the actual sports’ community) to update the rosters in the game to match the real world ones.

Anyways, I love doing that series because I find it fun to do in general.  It is, on the other hand, usually super time consuming as well.  Considering the first games of this season start tomorrow…and there are six of them…and I since didn’t realize this until this morning, I unfortunately will not be doing this series this year.  Since I haven’t simulated the first games, I would be doing them essentially last minute which is not how I really want to do this series.  It takes a fair amount of time to sim all the games in a day, especially for the days that have four or more games that are scheduled.  I usually like to have two or even three days before the games are to be played in order to simulate them and post them up.

Alright, now let me mention briefly what I’ve been up to and playing in the time since my last post.  Obviously, a lot of it has still consisted of Destiny.   Especially right now with The Dawning and SRL going on.  Sparrow racing returned this year and I am really happy that it did since I had a bunch of fun playing it last time it was available.  With The Dawning, Strike Scoring was also introduced.  Getting kills during strikes earns you points, getting the kills via a certain way (think like Supers, multikills, etc.) get you medals which add up your point totals too.  That’s a lot of fun as well and I’m really hoping that it sticks around forever because of it.  I always enjoyed the Score Attack variants of Firefight back in Halo: Reach and racking up the points in ODST’s Firefight.  I’m still hunting for my Nemesis Star though…

I also picked up…er, well more like downloaded since I bought it digitally but whatever, the HD remaster of Skyrim.  Now, I know I’ve mentioned how we really don’t need more HD remakes of older games and how I’d like to see more original games from here on out.  However, Skyrim: Special Edition was the exception to all of that since I wanted to play the game when it came out back in 2011 but never actually bothered to get it.  I have been enjoying it a lot, so much so that whenever I’m not playing Destiny or another game with a friend I’m always playing Skyrim whenever I play a game.  So far I have bounced back and forth on so many decisions I’ve made.  I discovered you could be a vampire hunter, boom, doing that.  Then I discovered you could be a vampire, boom doing that instead.  Then being a vampire wasn’t all that fun, powers you get are awesome but I’m probably going to save being a vampire for another play through.  Then I found out you can be an assassin for the Dark Brotherhood.  Totally doing that now.  I think my current character level is around 16 or 17, so in terms of leveling up I am taking my time and going slowly with it.  The Thieves are now wanting me to join their guild and I’m honestly not sure if I want to or not.  I’ve seen some armor you can get from a questline of theirs via a friend and it does look sweet but I’m still not sure if I want to join them or not.  I may join, steal their armor, and just ignore them for the rest of eternity.  Right, so that’s probably not how it works but the irony in that would be amazing.

The other thing I’ve been playing lately has been Magic: The Gathering with a few friends.  Specifically though, the Commander format.  With the Commander format, you have a 100 card deck that is built around one specific creature, that creature being your commander.  There’s a few other things that are different compared to the other popular formats, such as you can only have one of each card that is not a basic land.  Meaning if I wanted to throw a Typhoid Rats into my deck I was building I could only put one in there, not four.  Also, with your commander if it dies and is required to leave the battlefield instead of putting in your graveyard like you normally would you can put back in its Command Zone.  You can recast your commander if you want to, put you’d have to pay two additional generic mana in order to recast him.  For example, I built a deck around Thraximundar as my commander and in order to cast him the first time I need one blue, one black, and one red mana, plus four of any color.  If it would die and be returned to its Command Zone I would have to pay the one blue, black, and red, plus six mana of any color in order to place it back out on the battlefield.  At least I’m fairly certain that’s how all that works, I’m still new to it all so I could have something wrong.

The Commander format is really fun, it’s geared towards multiplayer play which is fun because I look at playing this game as more of a social experience than just to see who has a better deck put together and then move on once you’ve won…or lost in my case.  Although!  The last time I played I did win one game thanks to the Entropic Uprising Commander 2016 deck and my pal Vial Smasher the Fierce and one person being unlucky with dice rolls for Vial Smasher’s triggered ability.  I’m pretty anxious to see how my first deck I built my own will do and I may need to make a few tweaks to it but so long as it’s fun to play with that’s all I really care.

I do believe that is all I have for today.  Don’t know if I’ll get anything else out before the end of this year.  With that said, have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and all that fun stuff!


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