The Beauty of the Dreadnaught

Last week I finally managed to find the time to hook up my HD PVR with the goal of recording some footage to use to play around with in the newest version of Premiere and get used to it again.  I was able to accomplish that goal and was also able to learn a few things that will be beneficial for an upcoming project for Frantic Talks (you didn’t think I’d get through this post without plugging it, did you?) and threw together this simple video of an encounter I had with some Creepers in Minecraft with Freakshow one night when I was playing it with him.  I basically just put in some text and called it at that, but I feel it added a little extra to what happens.  But you know, obviously I’m biased since I’m the creator of the content.  So I’ll let you judge for yourself.

I figured while I had my capture device hooked up yet, I’d also use that time to grab some more screenshots from a game or two.  Well…I could only think of one game to grab some shots from and that was Destiny.  Skyrim was also in my mind, but I knew the minute I started playing it again I wouldn’t actually manage to take screenshots from it.  Skyrim is a game where I can easily see many opportunities for screens but I always get distracted doing quests and odd jobs in the game.

Anyways, I have always been interested in taking screenshots from games.  Not so much the “staged” screenshots where you go into a specific area or map and make a pose your character with various effects or filters to make it look cool.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like a good chunk of those screenshots but they’re just not me.  I want the art of the game to speak for itself.  So when I take screenshots, the majority of them are just simple shots of the scenery for an area.  Of course, you could argue that these shots are “staged” as well but I digress.  One of my favorite shots I’ve taken to date has been this one from Halo 3: ODST.  It’s simple, but yet lets the games’ art style and mood speak for itself in my mind.

As I was trying to think of an area in Destiny to go grab some images from, I saw I had some bounties to do on the Dreadnaught.  Might as well start there, right?  While I was running around this place, I really got to observe some of the artwork that is usually missed when I’m running through it for a strike or a raid.  In my post entitled “The Scenery of Destiny“, I encourage you to take a minute and just admire the art and scenery of the next game you’re playing.  I still stand by that, and I did this the other day when I was completing those bounties on the Dreadnaught.  I picked up a patrol mission to start, and it led me over to the area where the Court of Oryx is located, and needless to say…

…you truly do not realize how massive the Dreadnaught is when you’re just running some strikes.  I eventually completed these bounties and decided to stick around on the Hive’s ship and just see where else I could find some cool places to take some screens from.  While doing this, I think I found out that the Dreadnaught is my favorite looking destination in Destiny.  You have these sprawling areas where there are things hidden away for us to discover or places to have good sized battles with other players that are nearby.

Then you have the transitions between the areas that have a sort of mysterious atmosphere.  Speaking of transitional areas…

After I trekked through the Hall of Souls, I decided to venture back to the Trenchway and see what was up there.

The second shot is probably my second favorite I was able to grab that day.  It’s taken from a starting point from one of the early missions during the Taken King quest line.

Even the images from cutscenes can yield some pretty cool results.

After my journey on the PvE side of the Dreadnaught, I decided to load up some of the Crucible maps in private matches and see what I could grab from them.  Since I’m talking mainly about the Dreadnaught in this post, I’ll save the others from other maps for a different post later on.  This shot, and the following one are from the Cathedral of Dusk.

This one is my personal favorite of the two taken on this map.  I can’t count how many times I have played on this map during Iron Banner, Clash, even Rift and I did not notice the statues in each of the starting spawns.  It’s details like this that are usually missed by many in the frantic battles of the Crucible, or any game really.

Again, that is why I encourage you to take a minute and just look at what else is in the game you are currently playing.  In a way, you get to see part of the game that you normally might not get to see.  The artwork in most of these games deserves just as much recognition as any other aspect of the game in my opinion.  I’ll have some more screenshots from Destiny, and maybe even Skyrim, to share in the near future; but for now my focus was solely on the Dreadnaught and the beauty of it that can actually be found behind a few Thralls or Knights.  Oh, and a random Minecraft video because why not?


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