Briefly, A Word

You might be wondering why it has been so quiet around here the past few months.  I can answer that very easily.  After my last post, my good friend that I co-host a podcast and write the occasional article for, Frantic, thought it would be a neat idea to start doing something similar to the posts I did on here over on Frantic Talks.  Enter our weekly columns, where we pretty much talk about whatever has been on our mind for that week.  This is where I have taken a lot of my ramblings to and thus explains why it has been quiet over here.

So what will happen to this place?  Honestly, right now I am not really sure.  It’s not going anywhere but it might see less activity as more of my general thoughts start going over to Frantic Talks instead of here.  I’m also really glad that we did make the decision as it certainly helped me get back into the habit of writing something on a regular basis.  Which was something I was trying to do by posting more often on here, but hey; I guess if the end result is the same then it really doesn’t matter the outlet.  I can say this though, since FT is better suited for the more thought out posts than simply just posting a bunch of screenshots, those will probably be going over there more than here…of which I’ll get to those screenshots here in a bit.

Before getting to aforementioned images, something that crossed my mind while scanning my last few posts on here in order refresh myself on what I last talked about was the idea of getting friends together and play games.  I know, it sounds like a super original idea that no one else has ever thought of doing.  That was sarcasm in case you couldn’t tell, I’d like to think I’m semi decent at it.  Seriously though, something that would be awesome to do in my mind is to gather a bunch of the friends I have made from the internet (truthfully, I would consider these people “IRL” friends as well even though I have yet to meet some of them in person) and some of my “IRL” friends and have a day or weekend even where everyone plays whatever various board/tabletop/card/video games.  Think of something like a giant LAN party or personal gaming convention where just your own friends are invited.  Will it ever happen?  Realistically thinking, probably not.  However, I still think it would be neat to do that and on a plus side, it would give me the opportunity to meet some of these people.

Anyways, for the actual purpose of this post.  I have restocked my collection of screenshots since the last time I made a post that contained a bunch of screenshots.  As always, I hope to grab more when I can but here are a few I have gathered lately.  Most are from Destiny, a couple are from Dishonored 2, and one might be from Skyrim.

This one comes from Dishonored 2.  I was doing a mission and trying my hardest to sneak around in the level and somehow found myself on an outside ledge of the building I was originally in.  I turned around to look for another way back into the building and was presented with this beautiful overview of the city you are in for this level.  I can’t remember the name of the place, but it’s basically a seaside mining city.  I am very impressed with the artwork in the Dishonored series, and this proves it even further to me.

Same city as pictured previously, but with the angle a little more to the left to showcase the cliff side in the distance.  After taking these images, I was really wanting to get down into that city and explore it…but you can’t and I was sad.

You all know how much I love the Dreadnaught for the scenery it provides us, and one of the last times I was playing with a friend I had him do all the heavy lifting (read: shoot stuff so I didn’t get shot) and as a result I snagged some pretty cool shots with a little bit of action in them.  That is still something I am getting the hang of, I like action shots but playing the game and operating a capture device to take a screen grab at the same time is not something I can do.

I think that Legionary saw me…

Titan, meet Phalanx.  Phalanx, meet Titan.  I think they got along quite well after that.

Reinforcements inbound.

A Hunter is better on their own…

Here, have this random image of The Founts.  I cannot remember why I took this screenshot but I think it is still pretty cool regardless.

Next up, social spaces.  We often find ourselves in these places for mere minutes, just to grab bounties or something out of our vault…or to yell at Master Rahool for all of those legendary engrams that turned into blue or green items.  Sitting in them for a while can yield some rather nice imagery in my mind.  Such as these…

It’ll be gone soon…thanks Gary.

An overview of the middle room at the Iron Temple.


My personal favorite of the two I grabbed from the Iron Temple.

This last one I have to offer is one I got while roaming through some forest somewhere in the realm of Skyrim.  I really do enjoy the scenery from this game so I am going to do my best to go back and grab more screenshots from it.  I just find myself getting easily distracted by whatever pointless task I come across whenever I start playing the game again.

#nofilter…or whatever it is all of you Snapgram people say.

What looms on the horizon you might be wondering now?  Well, for this place it means a little downgrade in content that gets posted here.  I imagine this will become my main source to post screenshots I have collected.  Maybe start it as a series?  If you have any suggestions for a name or if that’s a good idea, let me know!  As for everything else…well, this is nearing us.


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