Nearing 200

Well hey, would you look at this.  It’s a post from me on here, it’s only been about three months.  It has also been a while since I could not think of a fancy title for a post here.  While sitting here trying to think of a title though, I noticed I was only five…well, now four with this one, posts away from 200 on here.  That said, if you have been following along with my ramblings from my previous BlogSpot destination, or have just stumbled upon this because I posted a cool screenshot; thank you.  Whether it be my posts here, the ones I form at Frantic Talks, my 140 (soon to be 280!) character ramblings on Twitter, or the junk I post on my personal Facebook page (sorry, you can’t have the link to that); it never really crosses my mind of who or how many actually read the things I post.  I know, it sounds like I’m basically saying that I think no one cares what I have to say, but that is not the case.  I know certain people do, it’s just never something I actively think about when typing letters in a proper order to form words.  Like right now, even though I’m talking about it like a metaphorical elephant in the room.

Anyways, with that babbling done and out of the way.  It’s been a while since I’ve actually talked about the person behind the online moniker.  Why is that?  Well to be completely honest, I hate talking about myself.  I’m totally that awkward person that when they are asked how they have been doing I’m just like “Ok, how about you?” and then just never mention anything else about myself unless absolutely necessary.   Granted, talking about myself is basically what I’m doing when I give a recap of what I’ve been doing or the reasons why I have been enjoying something lately.  The way that works in my brain though is I consider it more so sharing my interests with others.  It has been almost three years since I have briefly discussed how I want to go about the college life.  Since that post was published to the eternity that is the internet, my plans have changed. 

What has changed, you might be wondering?  Well, I no longer want to pursue a career specifically in journalism.  That career field is…uh, something that I’d rather not be a part of if I don’t have to be.  So I decided to change my career path to something else that I enjoy doing, being the front facing person for things.  Communications is what I’m going into now, think things like PR and probably some marketing stuff thrown in and a whole lot more that I don’t know about yet.  A lot of this comes from the work I have done over the years at Inside View Gaming and what I’ve done at Frantic Talks.  All of this is also kind of ironic in hindsight given the fact that I don’t like being at the center of attention too.  So…meh, whatever.  It’s what I enjoy doing, and it can lead to some pretty cool opportunities depending how hard I work towards my goals.

Remember how I mentioned college?  Yeah, about that.  I had originally planned to take my first two years at a local college, then transfer to the University of Illinois…that was back when I was wanting to be a journalist.  Once I changed my mind on careers, I then started looking at colleges locally that offer courses in Communications.  They do exist, and that is what I had originally set my mind on doing; I got to thinking a little more about how fitting “dat college life” into my normal life.  It would be possible, but it wasn’t going to be easy.  I did however, start looking into online colleges.  Specifically, one Southern New Hampshire University and after some research and a call to someone there at the university; it really sounds like it will be a good fit for my schedule at the time I’ll probably be enrolling.  To say I’m excited about this is probably an understatement.  I am beyond ecstatic to have a solid idea of what I will be doing for my college education.  For that same reason though I am also kind of nervous.  It’s to be expected though as this is a huge part of anyone’s life and something that many people may never get the chance to do.

Right, so now that all of that is out of the way, shall we talk about some games (and junk)?  I think so.  In the time that has elapsed since my last post, I have done a fair amount of gaming of both the video and tabletop variety.  First though, let me get another sort of non-gaming related topic out of the way.  At the start of this month, I went to a local Renaissance Faire (yes, faire is spelled correctly).  If you are unsure as to what these are, they are basically just a fun event where various professional groups of performers get together and reenact certain things you would find in the Renaissance or Medieval time periods.  Normally there are a lot of events and demonstrations that are time period accurate going on, the most popular is probably that of jousting.  Which is way more fun to watch than I had originally expected.  Faire goers may even dress up in time period clothing if they so wish.  I have always wanted to go to one because I thought they sounded cool and I love history, but of course, the year I find out there is one locally to me it was cancelled.  Luckily though, they brought it back this year!  You would be correct to assume that I wasted no time in making plans to attend it.  Not only was it a fun experience, but it also gave me some inspiration to pick up work again on an RPG storyline of my own.  I certainly see myself going to another one in the future.  Oh, it may have also fed into my addiction for swords and now I really want to pick up sword fighting as a hobby.  Don’t judge me.

Ok, now we can talk about gaming related stuff.  Also earlier in this month, I was invited over to a friends’ house for a game night.

“Onyx, that’s nothing special!  It happens all the time!”

Well, yes…you’re right it does.  However, the reason I mention this is not just because I played some new games I hadn’t played before and they were so much fun, but because it pretty much solidified my viewpoint of gaming serving as a social experience as well.  Things were kicked off with a few crazy rounds of Uno…and in Magic where drawing cards is a good thing, in Uno…not so much.  I had the unfortunate luck though to be drawing all the cards that night.  I can’t remember exactly what the games were, but after that we moved onto a couple of word games; those were fun as well.  I thought that the majority of my answers were lame compared to the answers of others and I’m just going to do what I always do and blame my inconsistent creativity as the cause.

The one I had the most fun with was one called “Mafia” (I guess it is also called other names, but this is the one I know it by). I’m going to attempt to describe it and hopefully not fail at doing so.  Basically you take your group of people and give them a little slip of paper or a card that has their “role” marked on it.  You have your detective, your doctor, your townsfolk, and of course your mafia.  The goal of the mafia is to essentially kill everyone else off and not get caught.  The goal of the detective is to…well find out who the mafia is and stop them kinda.  The doctor, well they are responsible to try and save someone from the mafia each round.  The townsfolk?  Well…they just kind of sit there and are possibly victims of lynch mobs.  There is another role I think, but we didn’t use it for a reason I cannot remember exactly.

Getting into how it’s played now, once everyone knows the role they are playing they all close their eyes.  The mafia members then open theirs and decide who the first victim is.  That person then becomes the moderator/game manager/whatever other terminology works here, they then guide everyone on the order of following events.  After the first victim has been chosen and courageously steps up, the game essentially begins.  The mafia closes their eyes again, then I believe the detective opens theirs and secretly asks questions to find out who the members of the mafia are.  Then the really fun part starts, everyone opens their eyes and starts accusing everyone of who are mafia members.  Once you’ve come to a peaceful resolve you then vote on whether this person should be held accountable for their actions, if they are found guilty then you remove them from the game and find out what their role is.  You basically repeat this, only adding in the doctor deciding who they want to try and save between each round.  The goal is to try and find out who the mafia is before they eliminate everyone themselves.

There, I don’t think I did too bad of a job describing it.  It really is a fun game though, I’m glad I got the chance to play it when I did.  As I mentioned before, I think the part where I had the most fun was trying to figure out who is a mafia member and vote to eliminate them.  It’s weirdly fun basically stabbing your friends in the back…only to eventually find out they were an innocent member of the town and now you feel like a horrible person for betraying your friend.  Or…you know, you accidentally eliminate the doctor right off the bat and then literally no one is safe.  I will also take a brief moment to advise you to not speak up if someone asks if the first victim has been chosen…especially if you are mafia.  Yes, I will bow my head in shame for I have done that.

One other tale I have to tell from my first foray into Mafia was when I was volunteered to moderate the game.  So when it comes to playing a new game of this type, I typically like to observe it for a moment to understand how it works.  It’s pretty much how I learn things most effectively, and it helps me understand how to properly play it.  That night, I got to observe how it was played (by playing, mind you) for a round before being chosen as the first victim the next time.  I had a general idea of the sequence of events, but not enough to comfortably say I knew what I was doing.  After someone giving me a refresher course on how things go, I knew what was going on and it felt natural to me honestly to be conducting the action so to speak.  It goes back to one of my columns I posted on Frantic Talks where I talk about my first time experience of hosting a Dread session.  After that session I discovered that I really enjoyed being the host of a game.  I rediscovered that same enjoyment I had during that Dread session when I was moderating the one round of Mafia.  Obviously, when you are hosting the game it is a much different experience than that of simply being a player; and while I enjoy playing these games, I find the enjoyment I get from said games that much better when I’m the host.  Of course, I’m sure someone somewhere is probably saying that means I have a god-complex and this is the point where I would argue otherwise but I digress.

The other night I did go over to a friends house and play some Magic.  That was also fun, we started off by drafting some Conspiracy.  We took a few packs from the booster box of Conspiracy and mixed them with some booster packs from a couple of other sets.  We then each opened a pack and then took one card out of it, then passed it onto the next person and then just kept repeating that until the packs were empty and then rinsed and repeated with the remaining packs we had.  My first pick from the first Conspiracy pack was a Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast Planeswalker.  The bad part about it though?  I never actually used it…I know, I know…what a jerk thing to do but later on in the draft I was finding white and green cards that I was liking better.  I’m glad I did that too, once we drafted our cards and put together our decks we played a game and I was the second to last person to be eliminated from the game.  Hey, it helps when everyone else ignores you for most of the game.  After the draft, we switched up to some EDH.  Took my original EDH deck I built around Thraximundar (aptly nicknamed, Thrax Metal) for a spin in the first couple of games and didn’t do too terrible…if you don’t want to acknowledge the fact I got mana screwed in both of those games.  After that, I retired Thrax for the night and brought up my second EDH deck I built around Scion of the Ur Dragon (also, aptly named, Scion Flayers…heh, Destiny puns are great) and it faired much better.  Again, I was ignored for most of the game mainly due to the fact I couldn’t do much of anything other than build up my life total by five points every turn.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t actually win the game because one of my opponents was creating copies of whatever creature was played and thus giving them a small army.

That covers it for the board and tabletop gaming I have done lately.  Let me talk about some video games then…which is mostly going to be Destiny 2 related.  So yeah, that game came out last month and I absolutely love it.  In my totally unbiased opinion, Bungie took what I liked the most about the original Destiny and improved upon it.  Most of that lies in the PvE activities, the combination of patrols and adventures on each destination certainly gives you a lot to do in my mind.  The quests are fun and can net you some pretty cool rewards.  It’s also nice leeching off my clan when they complete the raid or something in Trials of the Nine and I get a cool weapon.  Uh, I mean…I contribute too.  I think my highest character is sitting around 301 or 302 and of course, it’s my Warlock because #WarlockMasterClass.  Next up is my Titan at around 299-300 and my Hunter is somewhere around there as well.

That’s pretty much it for video games, I haven’t been playing them too much lately because I have been doing other things and haven’t had the time to really play them.  When I have, it’s been Destiny 2.  Assassin’s Creed Origins comes out this Friday but I doubt if I’ll be getting it soon, probably will wait until Christmas to get it if I can.  I do plan on bringing back a special little series I used to do on here probably early next year, but it will be returning on Frantic Talks rather than here.  I’m excited for it because I loved doing that series but never found the time to continue it on here.  Who knows, maybe it will see the light of day in a different arena as well…I need to twist some arms about that first though.

2,632 words later (well it’s more than that now but technicality!) and I have finally ran out of things to say.  Rest assured though, I’ll have a column on Frantic Talks out in a few days that is about a really cool topic I like.  Plus, I plan on taking a bunch of screenshots from Destiny 2 when I find the time to and posting them here.  That game is amazing for beautiful scenery.  Now, because I really want to make some tl;dr bullet point joke…here are the bullet points.

  • Nearing 200 posts, thanks for reading!
  • Ren Faires are amazing and fun and I want to go more if I can.
  • Game can be sociable!
  • Mafia is a pretty fun game too!
  • Destiny 2 is also pretty awesome!
  • I’ll be kicking things off again soon enough…
  • One last bullet point!

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