The Scenic Route: A Reintroduction

Why yes, that is a subtitle after “The Scenic Route“.  That title goes back to this post where I discuss the normal gaming stuff along with sharing some screenshots I had taken at that point and what made me decide to share them.  Starting with my post entitled “The Scenery of Destiny“, I briefly encouraged you to take a minute and just look at the game from a different perspective.  Continuing with that mindset I went into more detail and suggested for you to admire the world.  Bonus points if you catch what I did there.  Anyways, shameful self-promoting aside; I have been wanting to take more screenshots from games and sort of show those games off.  It is something I have always enjoyed doing for as long as I can remember and it was only made easier when I got my HD PVR as the amount of games I could take screenshots from increased greatly.

This new series, that’s right series, is going to help me with that desire to take more screenshots.  A brief tale of the inspiration behind kick starting this series would involve me getting challenged to do that black and white photo thing that has been going around the Booking of the Face variety and my aforementioned urge to take more pictures in games.  Getting back to that photo challenge, I completely forgot about it and as a result never finished it.  In the end I only shared two photos, and I’m pretty sure I poked fun at my poor photography skills in both of those posts.  I’d be lying though if I said I didn’t enjoying taking and sharing those “poor quality” photos.

That was one of the two I shared, and while no, it’s not inherently a bad picture it was just one of those times where I’m like “meh, this isn’t that great”…which happens often with the stuff I create.  That said though, I do like to think I have an “eye” for scenic photos.  Not-so-humbly speaking, I’d like to think most of the scenic shots from games I have taken in the past are somewhat decent.  Even outside of games in that thing called the “real world” I see places or areas in an environment and think “hey, that would make for a great picture if it was taken from over here, with the focus maybe being the river in the background”…it’s just I never have a good camera with to actually take that picture.

What does all of the previous have to do with anything and WHERE ARE THE PICTURES?  My goal is to take a game, or an area of a game and take numerous screenshots from it in say…oh, a weeks time period.  After I have collected a decent amount of shots, I will then curate the best ones (in my opinion) into a post on here and share them with the world.  So what games will you see images from?  Currently I do not know exactly which ones outside of Destiny 2, which I will be starting with.  If I really had to give you a list, I imagine it would be just whatever game I’m currently playing the most at the time or one that I want to specifically showcase.  Last week I had thrown up a poll on Twitter and asked my followers which destination in Destiny 2 I should start with.  Barely beating out Io was Nessus, so that is where we’ll start.  After Nessus I’m not sure if I will go to Io or maybe hit up Earth because I really like the way our planet looks in Destiny’s universe.  My end result for each post will be hopefully to give anyone who stumbles upon them maybe some cool pictures.  Who knows, maybe if I ever remember to take a real camera with me when I’m out you’ll see some of those pop up.  Alright, so with the crazy amount of words for a post about pictures, which are supposedly worth way more that words, here are a few.

The first one is from Assassin’s Creed: Origins as I have been playing it a lot lately.  I still have no idea what the above thing is I found but I came across it when doing one of the main storyline quests.  Not pictured:  the sacrificial alter to the right…complete with recent human sacrifice.

Another angle of the eerily cool holographic display in ancient Egypt.  Bayek looks like a tomb raider…no…not the movie…an actual tomb raider.

I cannot remember where exactly I took this one, but I know it was on some Cabal ship in Destiny 2…and that’s pretty much it.  Side note though, the Cabal do have some pretty cool architecture.

Found this while roaming through a dragon’s dungeon (say that five times fast) in the remastered version of Skyrim when I played it last.  It totally doesn’t look ominous…

Ok…I am fairly certain at this point I have stumbled upon some sort of dragon worshipping cult or something.

Same dragon skeleton as pictured above but at a different angle.  It looks friendly…

Alright, that does it for this.  I’m excited to get started on this series, I hope this is one I actually continue with instead of it turning out like my others where I make one or two posts and then it just disappears.  Forever lost in the corners of time.  At the very least, hopefully you’ll get some cool screenshots to look at.


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