Hey so as you are probably (not) wondering who I am, my name is Josh.  Or maybe you know me better as onyx spartan or StoredGrunt360.  This place will be where I can put my thoughts on various topics related to gaming and perhaps even some non-gaming topics.  I also occasionally do this for FranticTalks.

If you’d like to give me a follow on Twitter, you can do so @onyxspartan.  Be warned, I tweet a lot and sometimes it’s pointless stuff no one will get.  I also use YouTube now and then; most of what you’ll see is short clips that I have captured.  I’m also a Reviews Contributor / Community Manager for Inside View Gaming.  Lastly, I’ve played Grifball for several teams in the GGL (Aces, Sarge’s Squad, Shotgun Squad, Aces again, What the Grif?) and a couple in the AGLA (Hyperdrive, Reflex <3).