The Quest For Tasty Cereal: 2016 Edition

Well, this most likely will be a brief post and it kind of sucks to write it.  If you’ve been following my posts for the past few years, you know that I normally do a series called Bowl Bound around this time of the year.  If not, or you don’t want to sort through 48 posts to find out what Bowl Bound is; I basically take all of the collegiate bowl and playoff games that happen at the end of the season and simulate them to find out who wins.  It is super scientific since I’m using a three and a half year (hey, at least we’re past those Terrible Two’s stage!) old game and rely on the NCAA Football community (the games community, not the actual sports’ community) to update the rosters in the game to match the real world ones.

Anyways, I love doing that series because I find it fun to do in general.  It is, on the other hand, usually super time consuming as well.  Considering the first games of this season start tomorrow…and there are six of them…and I since didn’t realize this until this morning, I unfortunately will not be doing this series this year.  Since I haven’t simulated the first games, I would be doing them essentially last minute which is not how I really want to do this series.  It takes a fair amount of time to sim all the games in a day, especially for the days that have four or more games that are scheduled.  I usually like to have two or even three days before the games are to be played in order to simulate them and post them up. Continue reading


Bowl Bound: CFP National Championship

Four weeks ago I took on the task of simulating all of the bowl games, or as many as I could, for the 2015-16 college football bowl season.  35 games later, I sit with 19 correct “predictions” and 16 incorrect picks.  Today sees the culmination of the entire season with the College Football Playoff National Championship game.  Where we will be seeing the number one ranked Clemson Tigers take on the second ranked Alabama Crimson Tide for national bragging rights.  Let’s get to the action now.



This looks to be an interesting game from the start as Alabama takes the kickoff and returns it to midfield, then they throw a pass and are already inside the ten-yard line.  Mind you, this all has happened within the first minute of play.  Luckily (if you’re a Clemson fan) or unluckily (if you’re an Alabama fan) the Tigers’ defense holds the Tide to just a field goal.  Clemson gets nothing going on their first drive and are forced to punt back to Alabama who takes over at their own 30-yard line.  The Crimson Tide move the ball up to Clemson’s 34-yard line where they are held up on third down and settle for the field goal.  Alabama is now up over Clemson 6-0 as the first quarter closes.

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Bowl Bound: January 2nd Games

The end is nearly here everyone.  Four final bowl games today, before the title game in a couple of weeks.  After the games on New Year’s Day, my current record sits at 17-14 with Stanford destroying Iowa in the Rose Bowl, OSU dominating in the Fiesta Bowl, and Michigan cleaning up Florida in the Citrus Bowl and Ole Miss beating up on Oklahoma State; as well as Tennessee routing Northwestern.  Which is a loss in my column, but I’m taking it as a personal win because it’s Northwestern.

Up first is the TaxSlayer Bowl where the once powerhouse team of Penn State will take on Georgia.


  • The amount of times I heard “Booming kick!” for this game was absurd.  Stop.

Georgia gets the ball first to start the game, their drive is summarized like such; move ball forward for ten yards, get facemask penalty for an additional ten yards, move backwards 15 yards, punt.  The Bulldogs’ defense makes quick work to score the first points of the game by picking off a pass of Penn State’s and returning it for six.  Georgia is now up 7-0 with two minutes left in the first quarter.  PSU gets as close as the 37-yard line before being forced to attempt a field goal…which they miss.  As the first quarter closes, we find Penn State picking off Georgia to take over again near where they kicked the field goal.  We find PSU at the fifteen and going for it on fourth and two…where they are held up and turn the ball over on downs.  After a quick three-and-out from Georgia we find Penn State back at the fifteen again where they take the smarter option and settle for three.  Georgia still leads 7-3 late in the second quarter.  Georgia gets picked off by PSU on the first play following the kickoff and Penn State moves to the 30-yard line where they are held to a field goal. Making this a 7-6 game at the half. Continue reading

Bowl Bound: January 1st Games

Happy New Year’s everyone! Hope you had a good 2015 and that 2016 treats you right. After the games yesterday the current, up to date tally 15-11 we have five games (!) total today. First up is the Outback Bowl where the Tennessee Volunteers take on the Northwestern Wildcats (ew…).

Tennessee scores first by marching down the field to grab a seven-nothing lead a couple minutes into the first quarter.  Northwestern responds late in the first with their own touchdown after nearly getting held up on fourth down a couple of times.  Nearing the second quarter, the score is tied at seven each.  Not to be outdone, Tennessee throws a pass downfield and the receiver makes a move after the grab and has another six points for the Vols.  To end the first quarter, the Wildcats grab a few huge runs and get into the endzone again to tie the game up at fourteen.  The point-fest looked to continue into the second quarter as Tennessee was in good position to score, that was, until they couldn’t convert for a first down on fourth and one.  However, Northwestern decides to continue putting up points as they grab the go-ahead TD with a minute and a half left in the second quarter, now up 21-14 over Tennessee.  Tennessee decides to tie the game up again with a late touchdown in the second quarter. Now tied at 21 at the half. Continue reading

Bowl Bound: December 31st Games

Going into todays games with a 13-10 record, we have two very important games as they will decide who plays for the national championship on January 11th. We’ve got the Orange, Cotton, and Peach Bowls up today. Let’s tackle (horrible pun not intended) Peach Bowl first where Houston will take on Florida State.

Houston has a steady drive to bring them to first and goal at FSU’s three-yard line and on the following play they punch it into the endzone for a touchdown.  After three wasted downs by Florida State they are forced to punt and once Houston takes over, they immediately find themselves back in the endzone for another touchdown.  Now 14-0 late in the first quarter over the Seminoles.  First quarter comes to a close with the above score as both teams trade sets of downs.  Florida State spends most of the second quarter moving the ball downfield slowly and manage to get to Houston’s seven-yard line.  Unfortunately, they make some pretty stupid play calls and end up taking a field goal.  Houston still leads 14-3 with 45 seconds left in the first half.  Last play of the first half consisted of Houston throwing a deep pass to the endzone and it getting picked off by FSU as time expired. Continue reading

Bowl Bound: December 30th Games

So when writing this post, I discovered I screwed up and had California playing Army in the aptly named Armed Forces Bowl.  I was wrong, they played the Air Force…either way my prediction was still correct and California won.  After yesterdays games my current tally sits at 11-8, and we have four more games up today.  To start things off, we’ll go with the Belk Bowl where NC State squares off against Mississippi State.


  • Not even one play into the game and we have an injury. An NC State player got hurt on the kickoff…poor guy.

NC State does a fair job at moving the ball downfield to about the forty-yard line until they get picked off by Miss. State.  Mississippi State gets nothing form this as NC States’ defense holds them to three quick plays and are forced to punt.  NC State makes their way back to the 24-yard line and settles for the field goal late in the first quarter, now up 3-0 over Mississippi State.  First quarter ends with Mississippi State punting the ball back to NC State; second quarter begins with NC State throwing a 24-yard TD pass to the receiver who was wide open in the endzone going up 10-0.  Mississippi State gets a nice 27-yard pass over the middle to set up on the three-yard line on first and goal.  On the following play the QB decides to do the work himself and punches it in for six, now down 10-7 midway through the second quarter.  NC State puts on another scoring drive with 40 seconds left in the first half increasing their lead back to ten points. Continue reading

Bowl Bound: December 29th Games (Part 2)

Continuing from yesterday’s games, we have the last batch of three for today. My current tally sits at 9-6; we’ll now kick things off with the Texas Bowl where the LSU Tigers face the Texas Tech Red Raiders.


  • LSU can out-run Texas Tech, meanwhile Texas Tech can out-pass LSU.

LSU gets on the board first with some very good blocking to crack off a 43-yard touchdown run to go up 7-0.  After the LSU score, Texas Tech gets the ball on their 24-yard line to start their drive…where they are sacked twice and fumble on the third down where LSU recovers it at the one-yard line.  LSU’s offense goes on to the field and easily adds another seven points to their lead.  Texas Tech works their way to LSU’s 22-yard line where they are held up on third down and decide to try and convert for the first down.  It works and they keep their drive going making it to the one-yard line before dropping two easy catches and eventually catching the last one for a touchdown.  LSU still holds the lead 14-7 at the start of the second quarter.  LSU spends half the second quarter moving the ball down the field to Texas Tech’s 14-yard line and eventually they try to convert on 4th and 2, but the Red Raider defense holds up and forces the turnover on downs.  Four plays later, Texas Tech ties the game up at 14 with a minute and a half left in the second. LSU takes the lead with three seconds left in the first quarter as they move down field to make an easy 20-yard field goal to go up 17-14. Continue reading