Bowl Bound: December 28th Games + 1

After Saturday’s five game, I moved my record from 6-3 to 7-6.  Thanks Big Ten teams for doing the exact opposite of what I needed you to do.  Anyways, back to the point; we have two games up for Monday.  So why is there a “+1” in the title then?  Well, that’s because there are also four games happening Tuesday and I don’t want simulate all of those games tomorrow; especially considering that I just got Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and London needs to be liberated from Templar control.

To start things off, we have the Minnesota Golden Gophers taking on the Central Michigan Chippewas in the Quick Lane Bowl.


  • Battle of the Close-to-Maroon Color and Gold.
  • Either the game thinks both teams’ defense is really good or their offenses are trash…or both.

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Bowl Bound: December 26th Games

Continuing strong into Saturday’s games, we have five planned for the day.  Permitting that the teams are all available in NCAA Football 14 that is.  A current tally has me at a 6-3 record with Utah State losing to Akron, Toledo beating Temple, Boise State crushing NIU, and Georgia Southern beating Bowling Green.  Our first game for the day is the Sun Bowl where the Miami Hurricanes take on the Washington State Cougars in the Sun Bowl.


  • Will anyone score a touchdown?

Miami gets the ball to start the game and has a nice passing drive going…until it gets picked off around WSU’s 20-yard line.  After the interception, Washington State gets nothing going except avoiding being picked off themselves three times.  Two plays later…another interception for the Cougars, this time there are starting at Miami’s 22-yard line.  After moving the ball forward for ten yards, Washington State starts moving backwards…ending up where they originally took over after the interception.  In turn, they are forced to kick a field goal to take the lead 3-0.  A 30-yard pass on the right side of the field for Miami is ruled an incompletion; however, the booth decides to take a look at it and the call on the field is reversed.  Yet, I believe his foot was on the sideline as he caught it…so there’s that.  Then Miami is picked off…again. Also again, WSU has to settle for a field goal after making it to the six-yard line to start the second quarter.  Late in the second quarter Washington State is finally able to score a TD, increasing their lead to 13. Continue reading

Bowl Bound: 23rd and 24th Games

Four-ish games are up this time, two on December 23rd and two on December 24th.  Also I lied, instead of waiting until the 26th’s games were posted to update the tally I can do so now.  After Saturday’s games (of which you can find my “predictions” here), I am sitting at 3-2.  Thanks to Utah, San Jose State, and Western Kentucky (today) winning their games.

The first of those four-ish games takes place on Wednesday and pits the Northern Illinois Huskies against the Boise State Broncos in the Poinsettia Bowl.


• NIU’s starting running back had 66 rushing yards on 11 attempts, averaging 6.6 yards before getting injured. Confirming, he is the devil.
• You get an interception! You get an interception! Everyone gets an interception!

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Bowl Bound: 21st and 22nd Games

A set of three games are on the docket today.  This time we’ll be covering the Miami Beach Bowl, the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, and the Boca Raton Bowl.  Since I have a head start on this, the games from December 19th have not happened yet; meaning my record is still at 0-0.  However, I’m thinking by the time I get the post out for the games on the 26th I should be able to start the tally.

First up, the Miami Beach Bowl which places the USF Bulls against the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers.


• Western Kentucky needs to learn to tackle.
• USF’s offensive line needs to stop letting all the sacks happen.

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Bowl Bound: December 19th Games

It is finally here.  Simulating the first games took way longer than it should have.  Anyways, let’s get straight into the action starting with San Jose State and Georgia State in the Cure Bowl.


  • The Field Goal Bowl…er, the Cure Bowl.
  • Way too many interception chances that were dropped.

We’re off to a good start for this year…there is no Cure Bowl in NCAA Football 14…so instead I’m using a “Southeast Large High School” which is located in Orlando where this game is happening.  This game puts the Georgia State Panthers against the San Jose State Spartans.  Georgia State had a solid drive going to start the first quarter, but choked on third and short and ended up punting.  Where San Jose State took over, ran for a yard then fumbled on the second play letting Georgia State take over at the Spartans’ twenty.  Again, the Panthers choked and ended up kicking an easy field goal to go up 3-0.  Following drive, San Jose State returned the favor knotting the game up at 3 a piece.  Continue reading

The Quest for Tasty Cereal: Part Two

It’s that time of year again.  The college football playoffs and bowl season have finally arrived.  That means over the next couple of weeks I will be taking my almost three year old game of EA’s NCAA Football 14 and simulating each bowl game for this season.  I will then match up my “predictions” with the actual outcome of each game and see how my record fairs throughout this.  Here’s some quick fun facts about this series:

  • This will be my third year doing this series, which kicked off (pardon the terrible pun…) in 2011 and my second year of doing it consecutively.  I apparently skipped the 2013 season because screw 2013…?
  • My overall record from the seasons I have done is 36 correct “predictions” and 36 incorrect, with three games being forfeited in 2012 because I didn’t have the time to sim them.
  • In national title games I am 2-0, with Ohio State winning last year over Oregon and Alabama beating LSU in 2012.
  • The title for the introduction and conclusion posts for this year and last year, came from my friend FranticJ3; of which you can read how it came about here.

I had initially planned on doing the conference title games for this year.  Unfortunately, last week when I had planned on starting this my laptop died and I could not get the games simulated in time for the first games on Friday (I think).  One year, I will eventually kick off this series with the conference championships like I want to.  Regular posts in this series should start Wednesday or Thursday; I was going to start today but discovered I still have a week before the first games on the 19th.  More time for Fallout 4 and Just Cause 3! Continue reading

The Kickoff: Week 1

I know, I know.  It’s technically week four of the NFL Preseason, but in case you couldn’t tell this my first post in my new (hopefully) weekly series.  So what is The Kickoff exactly?  It’s similar to my previous Bowl Bound series, only this time instead of taking a college bowl game I will be simulating three to five NFL games each week.  How do I determine which games to simulate and post every week?  That’s easy, I don’t, you do.  Each week I’ll post up a poll and let you vote for which games you want to see.  Here are the first weeks worth of games, starting with the San Francisco 49ers at the Denver Broncos.


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