The Scenery of Destiny

Yesterday morning I took a couple of hours and roamed around the world of Destiny and took some screenshots.  Most of them are from the Cosmodrome, which I’m pretty anxious to see how it will change plus explore the new areas with Rise of Iron coming out in just over a month.  Anyways, I’m here to share a few of those images I took yesterday.

Before I continue and just start posting a bunch of images; there is something I want to say about this game specifically, but all games in general.  Most of the times when we play a game, especially a game that involves continuous, fast paced action, we normally don’t pay attention to the scenery of what we are playing.  It wasn’t until I was wandering around the Cosmodrome in Destiny that I truly realized how amazing the surrounding environments in the game look.  With the ability to turn off the HUD elements (added in the April Update, probably my favorite addition as of late) at most you’ll have your character or a weapon in your view.  Outside of the enemies being disrespectful jerks and not leaving you alone, this really gives you an uninterrupted look at the environment.

That all said, I highly encourage you to stop and take a few minutes to look at the world art of the game you play next.  Maybe turn off the UI if possible, play on a lower difficulty, or if it’s a multiplayer game maybe go into your own private lobby and look at the backdrops and settings of the map(s).  Even if the game is several years old, there might be something that you have never noticed before.  While the artists that put their hours into creating the art for games do get their recognition, I often feel they don’t get as much as they deserve.  As I said before, when we play a quickly paced game we often just run form point A to point B to get everything done and move on to the next task so we really don’t take notice of what is around us in the game we are playing.

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Two In a Month

In my last post I mentioned about trying to get another post out in a week or so.  Since it’s the third day of June I put the emphasis on “or so”.  That said, the past month has been really awesome for me.  It started with the launch of REZOHouse, which if you somehow missed my last post that has been up at the front for 30 days, you can read that here.  I’ve been very happy with the place since joining, granted I’ve done a terrible job at actually playing with anyone from the Xbox side there.  That is something I hope to fix however, doesn’t change the fact that ones I have gotten to know through talking with them are pretty cool people.  I’ll divulge a little as to what has been really exciting to me lately along with some quick thoughts on what I’ve been playing.

For the past four years I’ve been fortunate enough to go to at least one concert every year.  I say “fortunate enough” for two reasons, mainly because my area gets mostly country artists (definitely not my style of music in case you wondered) to come to our venues.  However, we’ve been lucky and have had a decent amount of the artists I listen to make our area a stop on their tours.  Shinedown has actually been here twice in that four year period…and yes, I saw them both times.  However, some of the other groups and artists I like and want to see have come as close as Peoria, Illinois or Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  With others only being as close as Chicago or Des Moines.  Those last two cities are a bit of a drive however and it would be very costly to go; which leads me to my second reason, concert tickets in general can be rather expensive. Continue reading

The House That REZO Built

Considering I normally throw up a link to these posts on Twitter, and I’ve gained quite a few new followers lately and I’m sure this post will draw some of them this way.  Let me start off by saying, if you are just stumbling across this then hello and welcome to my Online Discussion Place!  Or I guess you could call it a blog, I wanted to sneak that in here somewhere since my good friend FranticJ3 tweeted that the other day.  Here, I usually try to strategically place words into paragraph format and then do the same with those paragraphs in hopes to create a post that makes sense to you all.  What will you find here?  Most of the times it will be gaming related, not because I don’t want to share things that happen in my world, I’ve done that a time or two.  It’s mostly because my personal life is boring for the most part and I have so much more to talk about when it comes to games and other junk related to them.  You’ll also occasionally see some screenshots I take via the Xbox One’s built in feature or my capture card.  Somewhere around here I have a few YouTube videos posted.  Plus, if you’re a sports fan (especially that of the college football variety) then you’ll want to stick around (or check out past seasons) of my Bowl Bound series.

That’s what normally goes on here!  Again, if you’re just stopping by for the first time, thank you!  If you’re one of the people who stops by every so often when you see I posted up something new, thank you as well!  I appreciate both more than I can probably express in the words I type here.  I’m going to do the obligatory promoting here before I lose your attention to my meaningless babble that will…oh god, I’m doing it again.  Anyways, my general banter goes here; if you want to see the more serious side I have when it comes to gaming related topics.  No, seriously.  I do have one.  Drop by the Frantic Talks site and check out what we have over there.  Which includes a weekly podcast, and we do post other things there too.  We’ve been busy and haven’t had a whole lot of time to dedicate to writing new articles for a little bit.  We’re changing that though.  We’re also on Twitter, because who isn’t? Continue reading

Allegiances Change

I was originally going to be super sentimental with this post, but I realized I’ve done that quite a bit recently.  Anyways, the title of this post was inspired by my most recent decision.  It might come as a shock to many, considering I’ve sang praises for the place for quite a while now.  Yes, I’m talking about The Strangers Army.  While I still have the utmost respect for the majority of TSA’s members, I recently decided to leave there and join Guardian One and call it my new home in Destiny.

I feel a little honored (or honoured if you wish, looks way fancier too) to have the chance to join them finally.  The focus of G1 is the same as TSA’s was, “Guardians helping Guardians.” is their motto and it’s what I enjoy doing in Destiny.  I try to help people out if I can, while I’m not the best player of the game and I won’t be carrying you 9-0 to the Lighthouse; I can offer up some firepower or maybe even a thing or two I’ve learned since I got the game. Continue reading

A Break in the Cycle

I had planned on doing a fancy title for this post by using the description of the Vex Mythoclast from Destiny, but sadly…

…a causal loop within the weapon’s mechanism, suggesting that the firing process somehow binds space and time into…

…is too long for a title so I’m sad a little now.  Well not really, but I still would have loved to use it as a title considering this is a post that will break up monotony of Bowl Bound posts.  One thing I would like to do this year is write an article of some sort, whether it be for here or for Frantic Talks, once a week and at the very least, once every two weeks.  I’d stick to the whole once a week thing but this thing called life gets in the way and screws up my plans most of the time.  With that all out of the way, you’ll be seeing more frequent posts on here and over here throughout the year.  No hoping, or hopefully it will happen; I actually mean it this time.

Lately I have been playing a ton of Fallout 4 and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate with a hint of Destiny thrown in now and then.  I’ll start off with the Destiny stuff since it has been the game I’ve played the least of lately.  While I still enjoy the game a lot, I find myself playing it less these days.  That is mostly due to the fact I’ve gotten other games that I have wanted to play and found them absolute time sinks.  A couple weeks ago I managed to sneak into a King’s Fall (that’s the new raid in case you didn’t know) with some folks from The Stranger’s Army; it took us about eight hours over two days to complete it but we finally prevailed with most of us completing the raid for the first time.  I had made it up to Oryx one time before that but the group I was with then couldn’t get enough damage done in the time we had.  This second run was from start to finish, and like I said, took us a couple days but we got it done.

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The Time Has Come…

Ooh…ominous title!  Actually, no it really isn’t as it has no meaning besides the fact that the time has come for me to start another post.  For the record, I started working on this on Monday, August 10th, what will be the date by the time I finish.  Now, to kick things off with the usual “oh it’s been a while hasn’t it?” stuff.  Well…it’s technically true since it has been almost three months since my post delivering my initial thoughts on The House of Wolves expansion for Destiny.  I’m sure I’ll talk about Destiny a little in this post, but I’ll try to make a more specific post about something later on; for now, this post will be about anything I can think of to throw in here since it has been a while.

On Friday (the 7th but keep in mind, it’s still August 10th) I went to a Shinedown and Otherwise concert that was held at a local theater.  It was a lot of fun to say the least, Otherwise opened the concert and while I had heard several songs from them before I can’t say I followed them a whole lot.  Their performance was really awesome, they had a lot of energy during their set I thought and put on a good show.  It is safe to say that their show made me a fan of them.  I think my favorite song they performed would be between Coming for the Throne or Die for You. Continue reading

The House of Wolves…has Fallen

Snapshot_20140918_150043 (2)

On Tuesday, Bungie released the second expansion for Destiny entitled House of Wolves.  Today I am here to deliver my first impressions of said expansion; I’ll be discussing a little about the story missions, the new co-op arena mode that was released in the form of the Prison of Elders, and some other stuff in general about the changes that came as a result of the new content.

As I mentioned earlier, I will be talking a little about the story missions; so naturally there might be some spoilers involved.  Consider this your first warning, spoilers ahoy!

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