Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me a Map!

Apologies for not posting anything on here in a month; lately I have been rather busy with a few side projects I have been involved with lately.  Wait, side projects?  You read that correctly, I’ve been working some new content for Frantic Talks that we’ll be premiering shortly.  Speaking of Frantic Talks, let me get the obligatory self-promoting out of the way.  We have our own Twitter account now, so you should totally give that a follow over there.  You can find us as @Frantic_Talks, we also have a new-ish YouTube channel.  It goes by the same name, but we won’t get our own custom URL until we hit 100 subscribers…so you should go do that also.  So, keep an eye out over there for the one side project I’ve been working on for a few weeks as I’m really anxious for it to go up.

Now that I’ve probably lost your attention with the self-promoting (deal with it), what is this other project I’ve been involved in you ask?  I’ve talked about using Forge in the past Halo games a lot on here.  Whether it be my failed attempts at creating an actual map, or just simply messing around and creating some weirdly functioning tennis map I have had a few run ins with Forge.  My most recent foray into the world of map making was with someone I’ve mentioned quite a bit recently, someone by the name of Mr Freakshow187.  A couple weeks ago (when the Hammer Storm update for Halo 5 came out specifically) he asked me if I wanted to create a Grifball court.  I said yes, and a few days went by without anything else coming of it.  One of the next times I was playing with him I asked when we were going to start work on it.  I think it took him by surprise that I actually wanted to make one, so there’s that.  I have to admit though, I’ve always wanted to build a court but never knew where to start.  I knew that there were templates to help get the general size and layout down but that’s all.  Luckily the newer templates have all of the bomb spawns and plant points in them already so even that was taken care.


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Clever Title Goes Here

This is normally where I mention the fact it has been a really long time since my last post.  Well, that’s true, it has been since September since my last post…  Despite that length of time between posts, there isn’t a whole lot new really.  I’ve been busy with a bunch of real-life stuff and as a result, have had to cut down on my gaming time a little bit.  Though at times it doesn’t seem like it…for example; as I’m typing this, I’m playing some Madden 15…

Speaking of Madden 15, The Kickoff sure lasted a long time didn’t it?  I plan to address that by simply making it return later in the season when more people pretend to actually care about the NFL and sports in general.  Playoffs.  I will bring the series back during the NFL playoff games such as the Wild Card games,  divisional playoffs and even the Super Bowl.  I will also, available time permitting, be bringing back my personal favorite series of Bowl Bound.  This will be my third year of doing the series…also meaning I’ll be using like four year old data from the game.  Should be interesting!  Maybe I can find some sort of roster or something that’s a little more up to date, we’ll find out.

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Methodical…Sort Of

Not much has changed since my last time of posting here.  I’m still playing a lot of Destiny, we’re only about a week out from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and The Walking Dead comes back this weekend even.  I did write up some of my thoughts on Destiny couple weeks ago for Frantic Talks, if you’d like to see what I think of the game then drop by here.  In short, there’s a lot I like of the game but some stuff I wish was different.

I think the main reason I enjoy Destiny compared to some people I know that don’t care much for it is the fact I went into the game with almost zero expectations.  While I was excited to play the game and had played part of it during the beta I was still going to let Bungie surprise me.  I’ve learned in my years gaming that it’s not the best thing to start following a game and then expect the final product to be everything you want it to; because if you do, the majority of the time you will be disappointed.  The only thing that I had high expectations for with Destiny was the story.  I felt it would be an epic tale of who the Traveler is and suck me into the universe with all kinds of backstory.  Sadly I did not feel this way after completing it, the rest of the game is good but the story felt a little lacking in my opinion.

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When You First Saw Halo…

…Was I blinded by it’s glory?  Absolutely!  Back in 2003 I thought it was the best game ever and there would never be anything to beat it.  To this day I still consider myself a huge Halo fan, but all the way through the release of Halo 3 I was basically a fanboy.  I would blatantly defend whatever Bungie did for the game; even if it wasn’t what Halo community wanted.  It wasn’t until shortly before ODST released that I stopped being a fanboy.  I have no idea what made me change, perhaps it was due to the fact that around that time I had also started playing the Bioshock and Assassin’s Creed series and was really enjoying them.

So what is my point of that previous babble?  Well…not much honestly.  With November signifying the release of the Master Chief Collection, I find myself not overly hyped about it.  As you can see in my below tweet.
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I know what you’re thinking…well, probably not but still you’re thinking why am I saying hello again but for the first time technically?  #SpaceMagic, that’s why.  Alright so it’s not actually #SpaceMagic but I used to have my blog over at Blogger (Blargger) and it has been giving me many problems lately and after using WordPress for IVG and the IGL I have really grown to like it so I decided to make the jump here.  This also allowed me to change the name of my blog as I never really talked about Halo only.  I know I could have simply changed the name of it to reflect the new “era” of my blog, but then we go back to that whole Blogger giving me problems thing again.  This in turn brought on the creation of StoredGrunt’s Gaming Lounge.

So what will I talk about on here?  Same thing I did on the other blog (Blargger, heh).  I’ll try to post about any new videos I upload to my YouTube channel or if I grab a bunch of screenshots I’ll share them here.  Maybe we’ll even see some of my old series of posts I did *cough*BowlBound*cough* return when the time is appropriate.  I will also post my thoughts on various gaming related topics and maybe some not-so-gaming related topics.  Nothing political though; I’m sure we get enough of that in our daily lives and besides, this is my escape from that.
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Some Thoughts…

It has been a while since I’ve done any sort of ranting post on here.  While I won’t completely rage like I did in some posts I made on here in the beginning; I needed a place where I can speak my mind in more than 140 characters.  This post won’t be completely rage induced either, I’ll talk about some stuff I have in mind to do in the future.

A couple weeks ago I went down to Peoria, IL to see The Pretty Reckless, Adelita’s Way, Alter Bridge and Five Finger Death Punch in concert.  It was a really sick show to see, all of the groups that performed were amazing.  During the 5FDP set they introduced the next song they were going to play as “Burn MF” off of one of their newer albums.  When doing so Ivan Moody (the lead vocalist for 5FDP) mentioned that some of us may be familiar with the news going around about the band performing this song live.  At that time I didn’t know what he was talking about, so I paid no attention to it; it wasn’t until a few days later when I was listening to the radio and a radio DJ said what the whole deal was about.  When they perform the song, they bring several kids on stage to sing the chorus.  Apparently at one of the earlier tour dates some parent got all bent out of shape that they do that and started complaining.

I have this to say about it.  You knew exactly who you were going to see when you bought the tickets.  If you know anything about Death Punch you know they don’t sing happy go lucky lyrics, so you cannot complain about your children being exposed to that.  You most likely bought the album for them when they asked for it and if you didn’t stop and think “Hey, should I maybe be a parent and find out if my child should really be listening to this?” after seeing the albums title (Wrong Side of Heaven, Righteous Side of Hell) you should probably rethink of your definition of parenting.  I understand a parent not wanting their kids to swear up a storm every time they speak as my parents raised me to not do that.

This brings me to the last thing I want to say about it.  It’s a concert.  It’ll only last a few hours and then everyone will go back to living their lives the way they did before.  You should be hoping to have fun and enjoy the concert.  I highly doubt a few hours of you, or your child saying a few swear words is going to tarnish them for the rest of their life.  If you’re worried about them starting a habit out of it, be a parent and talk to them about it.  If you don’t like them doing it period, here’s a thought.  Be a parent.  With all of that said, I fully support Five Finger Death Punch in doing so during their concerts.  Besides, you never know if these kids could be the future of our music.

Now that I have probably lost your interest in continuing to read further I will now talk about some gaming related stuff.  A really long time ago I had posted some screenshots from my Minecraft world I have.  Tomorrow a new Halo mash-up pack comes out for Minecraft on the 360 and I’m thinking of downloading it; it looks neat and it’s something Halo.  This would also be the perfect chance for me to hook up my capture card and grab some more screenshots to show what has changed in my world.  Which isn’t a whole lot honestly…

A couple months ago I also broke down and bought GTA V.  I had second thoughts on buying it as the premise of the GTA series has never really interested me.  Oh boy, I get to play as a criminal…sounds like fun….  I have yet to finish the story for the game as there way too much extra stuff to do and I get distracted.  I’ll admit I’m enjoying the game a lot more than I initially thought I would, especially the online part of the game.  I’ve played it quite a bit with ProAceJoker and XeroZebra and it has been a blast.  Some time here soon I hope to capture something from that game and upload it to my YouTube channel plus grab some screenshots maybe.

In the world of Grifball, not too much interesting stuff has happened.  The AGLA season ended (and is starting up again soon) and Hyperdrive went 5-19 last season.  Yep…that’s a thing.  On the up-side to it though, I got to know some really awesome people during my time on that team.  Though some of them won’t be returning next season I hope to have the chance to play with Frantic, Raede, and kndkid again soon.

We did close out our season on a somewhat high note however.  Some of the other teams that were out of playoff contention decided to hold what they called a “Second Chance Cup”.  Basically, the bottom teams in the AGLA’s ammy division had their own sort of playoff series to see who was the “best of the worst” as I liked to call it for some reason.  Luckily for Hyperdrive, we got our act together and swept our first round series against Defiance.  Which was somehow a rival team for us, no idea how that happened but whatever.  After that we moved on to the “SCC” championship match against Affinity.  We took that series in two games, both 7-2 and in the first game I had a couple of very sweet interceptions that were taken right in for a score.  After that though, I thought I would give the AGLA another try so I signed up for the upcoming season.  Amateur league bidding started last night and as of now I’m sitting at 70 credits…  Totally different from last seasons 10 credits.  I’m pretty sure I know who has the bid on me, but we’ll find out for sure tonight…hopefully.

The Aces were my original home when I first started playing in the GGL; then after they decided to go on a hiatus Sarge’s Squad took me in for this past season.  About halfway through the season, Demise came to me and asked if I would be willing to leave Sarge’s Squad and take over their affiliate team, Shotgun Squad.  Their original captain had bailed on them as did a few of the players, but after thinking about it for a bit I said yes.  We felt that I would be better off helping Shotgun Squad get their games played and since I’ve been around a little longer than some on that team I could maybe give them a few tips and help the get better.  I don’t know how well the latter half of that statement has worked, but we’ve made it into the playoffs at least!

I’ve always tried to think of myself as a team player; doing whatever is needed to help the team.  So if leaving one team to take over another and keep them from falling apart mid-season is better for the team; then I guess I’ll do it.  With all that said, I appreciate you taking the time to read this and hopefully I can have some more interesting stuff to talk about next time.  Maybe even a few videos or screenshots to share.

Screenshots and Stuff

It would appear I like to use the word “stuff” a lot in my posts.  Perhaps I should use a thesaurus next time I decide to write up a post…  Yesterday a good friend of mine that runs his own forum ( went back and visited some of the older threads that are lurking around there and found the “Virtual Photography” thread.  That was our go-to place if we had taken screenshots from games and wanted to share them with others on the site.  After going back and looking at the thread he told me that I had take some pretty sweet screenshots from Halo and posted them.  I’ll admit, they are some of my better shots I have taken from Halo over the years.  Especially the ones from ODST; the lighting of that game is perfect for screenshots at times.

Speaking of screenshots…here are some that I have taken recently.  Most of them will be from that ODST game I mentioned earlier, a couple from Halo 4 probably and maybe one or two from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

Interesting how placing the camera in an explosion can change the look.  Simple effect, yet I’ve always liked it.

The shots above use the same effect.  I like the last two more though, and especially the last one since you can see the brute a little more clearly than the third shot.  The next screens are from AC4.  But wait!  “How did you capture these as AC4 doesn’t have a theater mode?!”  Remember how a couple years ago I bought a capture card to start doing reviews for Inside View Gaming?  I bought another one last year (the Happauge HD PVR2) and wanted to see how it handled taking still images.

Only way I’ll ever visit Havana.

No idea why I took this one, but whatever.  That ship and its loot shall be mine!  Spoiler Alert:  It destroyed me…

Thought this one was kind of neat.  You have Edward standing in the foreground looking at…well the sand and the island and Jackdaw as the backdrop.

I leave you with video proof of how stupid brutes are in the Halo games.