CTF That Is Classic

This post will be short, but at the end you’ll walk away with a free gametype…if you can call $60+ for the game free.

Anyways, if you have been to Bungie.net lately, I’m sure you have seen that The Upper Echelon got their Community Spotlight. If not, then click here and scroll about half way down the page and there is our first week in the spotlight. Once you’ve done that, head over here, no here. And check out week number 2 of our stuff. The first week can be found by going to page one and it should be right there.

Now moving on to the point of this post. If you go back to the last link I gave you, and notice the gametypes(Note: Don’t feel like you’re in a rush…unless you really are stretched for time then yeah, be quick, but take a glance at the other stuff there too, it’s some good stuff.) at the bottom, the one titled “Classic CTF” is one that I created shortly before I changed my gamertag to what it is now. So feel free to give it a download if you want. Either from there, or from the direct link to the file; which can be located here. It has become the second most downloaded item on my file share, with 544 downloads. In the last half hour, it gained 100 downloads.
I’m imagining that someday I’ll get recognized for creating it. I highly doubt it, and hope that it doesn’t happen. I don’t want to be that guy that had that gametype, I want to just be that normal Halo fan. Though if I do get found out and people do start sending me messages like they have nothing else to do, that’s what the auto-responder is for. I’ve already got one typed up, but still have it set to send out the reply manually. Probably the only time I will consider setting it for automatic is when I log on four days in a row and I have 20+ messages. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t just let them sit there and ignore them, that’s rude and I try not to be rude. I’ll read them and most likely respond to them all personally as I would like to hear feedback about the gametype and maybe were a version 2 could be made.

I believe that is all, like I said, it would be short. On a plus, I’m not listening to the same track off of the ODST soundtrack anymore. I finally listened to the Halo Wars soundtrack…then went back to the same song.
One last update on the download count, it is only 18 downloads away from being tied with one of my screenshots that has 591.
Enjoy all!


Render To Video and Some of My Work

Well I’m sure you know of the Render to Video beta that is going on for those that paid for a subscription to Bungie Pro. Well I guess I got into it somehow and here are some of my videos that I rendered and was able to upload to my youtube accont.
I’ll show the best ones I have up there and then link you to my youtube channel to see the rest.

That is one of my friend/driver showing off some of his sweet Grifball skills.

This next one is an awesome wheelie he managed to pull of during a game of slayer on Standoff.

Finally this last one is called “Killball Win!” Watch and you’ll see why it’s called that.

Now here is the link to my youtube channel for the rest of my little clips. http://www.youtube.com/user/StoredGrunt360
There you have it, a quick little post with some eye candy…if you want to call it that. Plus the link that takes to the Completely Random Forums has been changed to a new address.


I’ll cut straight to the chase this time. I got my first Perfection the other night. I’m sure a lot of you know what a Perfection is, but if you don’t it’s simple…sort of. Win a slayer game with at least 15 kills and without dieing. Sounds simple, right? Well it would be to some, but to others it is extremely hard to get one.

I has proof. Huge thanks goes out to Storm for being cautious and driving me to it. Raiden192 almost had a Perfection also, but the great(not) spawning system ruined it. Someone spawned behind him as he was doing something else. It really sucks that he didn’t get it, two perfections in one game would of been sweet. The game wasn’t too bad, I mean I would of liked to have at least one or two other people from the other team still be playing. I still got it anyways and it’ll probably be my only one.
Anyways, moving on.
2,000 Wheelmen for my driver! Yep, my driver(info on right hand side of page) got his 2,000 wheelman. After a couple games before that he only ended up needing three. So in this game, he the last three that he needed, with my triple kill. It’s not his main goal of 3,000, but it does mean we are getting closer. I was hoping I would be gunning for his 2,000th and I was, but now I really hope I’m gunning for his 3,000…no idea why I want to be. Maybe it is due to me being his gunner from the start. I don’t know really, but hey, we pretty much know what each other is doing or going to do in the Hog. So it works out pretty well if you ask me.

The campaign challenge hasn’t started yet, but I am thinking on starting it next week. So you guys haven’t missed it yet, plus it will be tagged with a special tag called “Campaign Challenge” for obvious reasons. So there’s the update on the campaign challenge.

All right that is all for now people, hope you enjoyed it. On an end note, if you are reading this and a Grade four rank stop by a group called The Upper Echelon and check it out.

Fifth Finally!

Well since it’s been a while since my last post, I will try to cram as much as I can in here.

I’ll start with saying that after little while I have finally reached 5th in the state of Illinois for most campaign kills. Here’s the proof. Not much more to say about it actually.

So moving on. Remember that one map I started on Foundry and never finished? Well I finished it, but it’s not on Foundry anymore. It’s now on Sandbox! Anyways, it still is the same general idea and layout. I did have to rework a few things on the map several times. Spawns are what I had the most trouble with…go figure. Placing cover in the middle area was also something that stumped me. Not that it’s hard or anything, just getting it and placing it there strategically so the flag carrier can’t be killed while making his way from one to base to another. Well here you go Prototype. It does need a better name though.

I was finally able to get over that little 1,500 mark for Warthog chaingun kills. I felt like I was going to be stuck on that little barrier. Each time I would look to see how many I have total, it would be really close to that limit. Plus it also means I am halfway to 3,000, which is my current goal.
While we’re on the subject of Halo, I managed to get into a party with a few people from H3Wheelmen. I got to play with someone from the “Blue” group, it sounds like it is kind of like a clan, but isn’t officially their clan. Also someone from their “Team Euro” group. That’s basically the group for people over in other countries. The party consisted of mainly people from other countries, but hey, they didn’t yell at me when I would say something. I am going to have to learn the language of the Wheelmen. I was in the party today and they were talking about “Ninja-ing’ the objective. Well, I had no idea what it was until I actually saw what they were trying to do. It was rather simple actually, sneak the flag out of the enemy base… So yeah, once I finally figured out what it meant I was able to react accordingly.

Now moving on again, I will be doing a campaign challenge(just for fun really) for my blog here. I have to do some thinking for the first level for skulls and that. I will make a post with the details of the first level. Speaking of campaign challenges, I just posted one for the grade 4 group I am in. I was surprised when a lot of the members liked the idea, it’s my first successful idea for a group I am in.

Well, I think that pretty much covers it. Hope you all enjoy it, I know it’s not much.

A Post About, Well Nothing

Yep, that’s right. A post about nothing. Okay well this post is going to have to do with something, but I couldn’t think of a title.
So I have started playing Halo Wars again lately, mainly due to someone I know from Bungie.net getting on me about still not beating the campaign. Well I still have yet to finish it, but hope to sometime. I played against him in a 1v1 twice and lost horribly both times, but hey I haven’t played it as much as he has and I’m not good at strategy games either. I did earn an achievement for it today which was reach recruit in the matchmaking part of it. It was really easy since I didn’t even play the game. I quit out of the game, but that was because my teammate quit before it even started. I don’t know how I even got to the recruit rank since it was my first game and I really didn’t even play it since I quit out of it. But I doubt if I play Halo Wars online much anyways, since it’s one of those games where best enjoyed without a bunch of loser’s. See despite it being a strategy game, I take out the strategy and just assault with a large squad. I don’t do any of this “oh go over here and see how many hit points this enemy has then come back with a unit that has 5 more points then him.” I guess that’s why I’m not good at this game, but it sure is fun to play.

One thing I want to do in Halo is become a better ground pounder. I really have no idea what a ground pounder does, but I do know they support the Hog and grabbing the objective. Anyways, I would like to get better at certain things like rushing laser and at least bringing it back for our team. The one reason I would like to do this is simple, I can’t always get in the gunner seat and my driving is fail. On the other hand though, I would like to become a better driver then I already am. So I really need to think of what do I want to do more, drive or what.

Now for a couple games from this past weekend that were good.

This first game is from Fiesta. Got a killtacular with the skull and then blast into the lead with 10 seconds left.

I got randomly matched with someone from a group I am in and I drive him to a Frenzy. Decent considering my driving.

This game would have turned out different if the two people wouldn’t have quit.

Our first game were nobody quit and it was close too. The game went like this, they score, we score, they score, we score and we score again. Best game of the weekend.

Another close game. I have no idea when we scored, but the other team wouldn’t let up and kept coming at us non-stop.

Okay you know something that really ticks me off about the people that play Halo? It’s the people that decide to pick on a rank for no reason at all. I see alot of this with higher ranks picking lower ranks. I mean okay so you’re a Colonel and he’s a Staff Captain, who cares? What is your purpose of doing so? Is it to make yourself feel good about beating a player who has a lower rank then you? If so, seriously how lame can you get? Rank doesn’t get you anything outside of the game and I’ve argued this point on the forums, but no apparently it does get you things in life. Oh, by the way, you forgot to tell me what they are… The stuff I see these “pro’s” do are pretty cool, but it’s nothing that impressive to earn you a $500,000 contract yearly to a “pro” team. Okay so you go down to Florida or up to Toronto and win one of the events up there, again, what does it get? Yeah sure it gets you money and fame, but what else? Does it give you a place to live or does it get you food each month you need it? Answer, no it doesn’t.
I guess all I’m saying is, no matter what your rank is, no matter how high you can push your k/d spread or no matter how many perfections you’ve gotten. It’s not going to get you anything outside of the game. Yeah I’m probably wrong, but right now, I don’t see it.

Sorry for the rant, but I get so tired of these people that think rank means everything. Anyways, that’s all for now. Hope you enjoy.

Achievements = Song Titles?

Well the other day I had a friend over and I was playing Mercenaries 2 and looking over some of the achievements I had earned and he noticed that the names for the achievements are titles to songs. When I first played through the game and was unlocking them, I had no idea that they were named after song titles. It’s fine I guess, but it seems a little cheesy to me. I mean surely the developers could of come up with names for them, right?

While we are talking about Mercs 2, I have been playing it recently and enjoying it again. I have managed to do what I never thought I would be able to do, make the Chinese hostile towards me…again. Yeah I guess they don’t like it if I try to take some of their fuel they have hidden away. Not my fault I need it guys. Also I managed to at least tick off Universal Petroleum once and as of now, they are neutral to me. I don’t know what I did to them… Also managed to turn some other faction against me. Again, I didn’t do anything to them, well maybe… Maybe I blew some of their tanks up. Finally, for the first time since I got the game I managed to tick off the Allied Nations. How so you ask? Well I had the Chinese mad at me, so instead of paying them 8.0 million dollars, I decided to do some of the work they wanted. Capture some HVT’s and destroy high risk targets. Everything was going fine, I wasn’t getting caught doing any of this until I had to destroy an AN controlled oil rig. It was hard to do since I couldn’t get close to it and my airstrikes were kind of limited. So I regrouped and bought some airstrikes to use. In the end I ended up taking a boat and sneaking underneath to a ladder, climbed up the ladder and threw down a beacon for a cruise missile strike. So now I had to get off of the rig before it blew. I jumped off the side and completely missed the boat I had, so I started swimming. Hijacked the nearest boat and got away as quick as it would go. I got out, but someone was able to call in my acts and report me. That is how I ticked off the AN.
That’s pretty much how it’s gone so far.

Now time for Halo stuff. Well campaign is what I have been playing lately. Trying to grasp 20,000 enemies KIA, right now I am at 19,720. So I am only 280 kills away, that can be covered in a couple runs through campaign, maybe less. Last I looked with the amount I currently have I was ranked 7th in the state of Illinois, so I wonder were I would stand with 20,000. It wouldn’t be too hard to move into the top 5. I am only 1,098 away from it. That would be something to see on here one day. “Top 5 enemies KIA in campaign in the state of Illinois” Okay new goal people!
I am just under halfway to my 3,000 chaingun kills. 1,421 so close to it, yet far enough away. I really can’t wait till I reach that halfway mark, it means I am that much closer to the 3,000 mark. Ah well, I’m rambling on about, so now for some good games from this past weekend.
This game was close until the end. This game was close until we got lucky and pulled out by ten in the end. Which won it for us.
Each team had good defense for each round. I mean, there really is no way to describe this game it was awesome.
The other team had good control of the map near the start. We pull a sneaky move near the cliff to take the second score for the win.
Sadly the best game of the weekend, I feel like not posting. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great game, it’s just that all but two of the other team quit halfway through the game. I really don’t consider it good game material. What I mean is yeah we won, but almost the entire other team quit. So we really should of won that game. Some of the best games I have had have been against a full team.

So that is all for now people, hope you enjoy it.

Two Years Work

Well today is Monday March 30th, but yesterday was the 29th. The official day of me being a two year member on Bungie.net. I know I said I would make a post yesterday, but I was busy and wasn’t able to write one up. So here it is, maybe not as nice as I had hoped for, but a post nonetheless. My history there is pretty simple, just a fan that wanted to talk about Halo and interact more with the community. I joined looked around the forums every now once in a while, then discovered groups. I joined a couple groups and it went from there. About a year after I joined they introduced these member titles. I soon get the Heroic Member, then they added prefixes related to certain things. I was soon bumped up to Honorable Legendary Member, then yesterday I log on and make a post and find myself a Noble Legendary Member. I went up from Honorable and skipped the Senior prefix, which means that my trust rating is on the increase which is good. So as someone said that I was talking to over instant messenger said, “You R Noble.”

Now for some Halo stuff, if I can find anything… Well I’ve got a screenshot at least that I forgot to post in my last post. This screenshot proves my horrible driving, I somehow managed to flip the Hog on a flat surface and land on a Jackal which was the only good thing out of that.

It’s my new trophy shot as you can see with the Bungie card located to the right. More proof of how bad my driving is.
Anyways, here are a few games we played the weekend before last.
This game was good, I became xxmLgH0G4shotzxx. Okay I’ll explain the little thing typed out there, alot of people have xx, MLG and 4 shotz(s is optional, but z is cooler I guess) in their gamertag and they get made fun of for not having an original tag.
Now this game I’m not in it, but my friend is and he is playing with some people from H3WM. I was five minutes off from being in there… Thing is, they were in a party of seven and we would have faced them, which is alright, but I would of rather played with them.
Gold bar trashers = the orange team, gold bar trashers = fail. Pretty self explanatory, we started taking trash for being gold and they came in a tie for fourth.
We lost this game, but it was really fun. Didn’t help that two people on the opposite team had 25 and 35 kills. Carried much?
Well some of you may remember that on February 24th I got my 1,000th M41 LAAG(Warthog turret) kill. Well right now I am at 1,279 and counting. My next goal is to reach 2,000 kills with it, once I reach that, I’ll plan on going from there. I might take a break from gunning and start driving more in hopes to get better at it. If I do this and don’t see an improvement I am going to go back to gunning. Another thing I might want to do, is try for a 35 once I have reached 1,800 exp that way I can keep my gold. If I do reach it, I will become a Strike Commander. I don’t know what playlist I’ll use, probably the “takes no skill” ranked living dead. I’m a 13 in it, but it doesn’t take much to rank up in it. I guess that’s why it’s called no skill needed, oh well it’s fun to play. Not as much fun as social infection, now that is awesome. That is the playlist I will forever remember and like. It was the playlist where we first got to play against a Bungie employee. Here is the proof.
That’s all I have for now. Not as special I would of liked, but there is next year. Hope you all enjoyed! I also might dig up some older posts I made and throw them together for another blast from the past post.