A Look Back At…

Given the fact that this will most likely be my last post before the end of 2018, I wanted to do something that totally wasn’t inspired by the weird little “Your Year in Review” video thing that has been going around for like the past week or so on Facebook.  At the beginning of this year I published a post entitled “An Agenda” and kind of gave a vague breakdown of what I wanted to do this year.  I am going to use this post to give an update on some of the stuff I talked about in that post and a few other things that I have managed to accomplish this year.

Where do I start?  Well, let’s start with the big thing and something that has happened in the past two months.  I have mentioned in numerous posts prior to this one that I have always wanted to go to college.  I think in one post last year I may have even outlined my current plans for college at that time.  Since then those plans have changed.  “How much?”, you may wonder.  I was originally wanting to go into a Communications major but now I have changed that to Business Administration.  The other school I was looking at going to did offer a degree program in business administration, but I did a bit more searching and found one that had cheaper tuition rates.  This was a plus because it also put into consideration the fact I could start now.  After that, I began the process of applying and after doing that and waiting…and waiting…and waiting, then after calling to check on my application I found out that I was accepted.  So yes, I am going to finally accomplish one thing I have been dreaming of doing since half way through high school and will be going to college.  Where at?  Well, it is going to be through eVersity which is part of the University of Arkansas system and also part of it is through the University of Arkansas-Monticello.  I’ll be starting the first full week of January and I am ready to begin that journey.  As I mentioned above, I’ve been wanting to do this since high school and there have been times where I have thought it wouldn’t be possible for me to go.  I’m equal parts excited and nervous as one would expect, but I think the closer I get towards the start date the more the needle leans towards the excited side.  If you were using some sort of measuring device that has a needle and two equally divided sides to it that is…  I also haven’t entirely given up on the idea of doing something history/museum related.  It has been relegated to the back burner/possible dream pile, but not completely forgotten. Continue reading


The Experiences of a New SCAdian

Now that I have fought with autocorrect and have forced it to quit changing “SCAdian” to “Scandinavian”…what exactly does that mysterious sounding word mean?  Before we get into that, I think some backstory is required in case you forgot or don’t follow me on the whole two social media sites I am on to understand exactly what I’m going on about.  In a post entitled “An Agenda” I discussed a few of the plans I have in store for new hobbies or interests I am picking up and a couple of other things to boot.  Near the end of the post I reference how I want to pick up sword fighting / HEMA and start learning how to actually do some of it.  I also mention how I was kicking around the idea of checking out my local group of the SCA. Continue reading

The Homefront

It has been a while since I have put aside the chatter related to gaming and just simply talked about something…well, not related to gaming.  Of course, that is mainly due to a few reasons with the biggest being that in some of those posts of old I seemed to have come off as an angry person when giving my thoughts.  Instead of coming off as someone who is angry and rants 90% of the time, I decided to put the real world topics away and go back to talking about strictly gaming related topics.  By doing so, I typically couldn’t offend anyone.  Well…I could technically but it would take way more effort than I would have actually cared for.  It has also been a while since I have started a post with “It has been a while”.  Something else I did often in Ye Olden Days.

Anyways, with that introduction done, let me get to an important point before diving into my main point for this.  The first being that, while I know I said that I hate talking about myself in a more recent post (it’s still true for the most part) there is part of me that enjoys sharing more about the person behind the online moniker.  As I mentioned in some post somewhere there are real people behind these names.  So in some weird, mashup of a point of view; I don’t like talking about myself because it makes me feel like a self-centered person.  Yet, at the same time I’m perfectly ok with giving out a few scraps of info on how I think or some sneak peek into my life outside of games.  Continue reading

An Agenda

Apologies for the lack of a post in over a month, especially after I announced the return of a new series.  Doesn’t look too good for its return, does it?  I promise you though, I still have plans of continuing it.  The month of December was extremely busy with preparing for Christmas and New Year gatherings with family; and all the varying doctor appointments I had during that month.  I’m healthy in case you wondered.  That has prevented me from actually sitting down and taking screenshots from Nessus in Destiny 2, I do plan to fix that hopefully next week sometime and actually get that series going.  It’s a shame Titan didn’t win the poll because I have a bunch from there that are ready to go.

In that time, I really haven’t had the chance to play too many games in general.  I have played a little of Destiny 2 as their winter event, The Dawning, has been active for the past few weeks.  It has been fun giving “gifts” to the various members of the Vanguard and other vendors and whatnot.  It has also been fun throwing snowballs at Dregs…not that I would do that because that is mean.  Dregs are people too…sort of.  It will be ending in a few days and I’m not sure if I’ll get the chance to try out Mayhem or not.  If I don’t, I hope it comes back so I can try it out then.  I thought Mayhem back in D1 was a lot of fun so I’m certain I can assume I would enjoy it in D2 as well. Continue reading

Nearing 200

Well hey, would you look at this.  It’s a post from me on here, it’s only been about three months.  It has also been a while since I could not think of a fancy title for a post here.  While sitting here trying to think of a title though, I noticed I was only five…well, now four with this one, posts away from 200 on here.  That said, if you have been following along with my ramblings from my previous BlogSpot destination, or have just stumbled upon this because I posted a cool screenshot; thank you.  Whether it be my posts here, the ones I form at Frantic Talks, my 140 (soon to be 280!) character ramblings on Twitter, or the junk I post on my personal Facebook page (sorry, you can’t have the link to that); it never really crosses my mind of who or how many actually read the things I post.  I know, it sounds like I’m basically saying that I think no one cares what I have to say, but that is not the case.  I know certain people do, it’s just never something I actively think about when typing letters in a proper order to form words.  Like right now, even though I’m talking about it like a metaphorical elephant in the room.

Anyways, with that babbling done and out of the way.  It’s been a while since I’ve actually talked about the person behind the online moniker.  Why is that?  Well to be completely honest, I hate talking about myself.  I’m totally that awkward person that when they are asked how they have been doing I’m just like “Ok, how about you?” and then just never mention anything else about myself unless absolutely necessary.   Granted, talking about myself is basically what I’m doing when I give a recap of what I’ve been doing or the reasons why I have been enjoying something lately.  The way that works in my brain though is I consider it more so sharing my interests with others.  It has been almost three years since I have briefly discussed how I want to go about the college life.  Since that post was published to the eternity that is the internet, my plans have changed.  Continue reading

Gaming and Socializing

With almost three months since my last post on here, a decent amount of stuff has happened.  Most of it has been gaming related, of which I will discuss and it will probably be most of this post.  Lately though, I have also been giving some thought about the social aspect of gaming and how my viewpoint of that has changed recently.  There might be some deep, dark, personal secrets about me you may find out through this…ok, so probably not but you might get to find out more about the person behind these words.

The past few years I have been gradually changing my outlook on gaming from less about just playing a game, to more so experiencing it.  So what do I mean by experiencing a game?  Broadly speaking, I mean truly sitting down and enjoying a game for what it is.  Whether it be a storyline, gameplay, the music, or even those times you absolutely wreck people in PvP.  Even playing a tabletop game with friends, such as D&D, Magic, or even Cards Against Humanity.  Specifically what I’m talking about right now though, are the social experiences that games can provide.

Personally, I think Destiny was a great game for me to realize that gaming can be more than just about getting together with a group of friends to shoot some aliens in the face.  I cannot count how many hours I’ve spent just simply sitting in orbit or messing around in the Tower talking to a group of friends as we’re checking out the gear we just got from finishing a raid.  These are people that have real lives and families, not just some random I met via matchmaking.  It certainly makes playing an online game feel more personable when you can ask someone how their day at work was. Continue reading

The House That REZO Built

Considering I normally throw up a link to these posts on Twitter, and I’ve gained quite a few new followers lately and I’m sure this post will draw some of them this way.  Let me start off by saying, if you are just stumbling across this then hello and welcome to my Online Discussion Place!  Or I guess you could call it a blog, I wanted to sneak that in here somewhere since my good friend FranticJ3 tweeted that the other day.  Here, I usually try to strategically place words into paragraph format and then do the same with those paragraphs in hopes to create a post that makes sense to you all.  What will you find here?  Most of the times it will be gaming related, not because I don’t want to share things that happen in my world, I’ve done that a time or two.  It’s mostly because my personal life is boring for the most part and I have so much more to talk about when it comes to games and other junk related to them.  You’ll also occasionally see some screenshots I take via the Xbox One’s built in feature or my capture card.  Somewhere around here I have a few YouTube videos posted.  Plus, if you’re a sports fan (especially that of the college football variety) then you’ll want to stick around (or check out past seasons) of my Bowl Bound series.

That’s what normally goes on here!  Again, if you’re just stopping by for the first time, thank you!  If you’re one of the people who stops by every so often when you see I posted up something new, thank you as well!  I appreciate both more than I can probably express in the words I type here.  I’m going to do the obligatory promoting here before I lose your attention to my meaningless babble that will…oh god, I’m doing it again.  Anyways, my general banter goes here; if you want to see the more serious side I have when it comes to gaming related topics.  No, seriously.  I do have one.  Drop by the Frantic Talks site and check out what we have over there.  Which includes a weekly podcast, and we do post other things there too.  We’ve been busy and haven’t had a whole lot of time to dedicate to writing new articles for a little bit.  We’re changing that though.  We’re also on Twitter, because who isn’t? Continue reading