Gaming and Socializing

With almost three months since my last post on here, a decent amount of stuff has happened.  Most of it has been gaming related, of which I will discuss and it will probably be most of this post.  Lately though, I have also been giving some thought about the social aspect of gaming and how my viewpoint of that has changed recently.  There might be some deep, dark, personal secrets about me you may find out through this…ok, so probably not but you might get to find out more about the person behind these words.

The past few years I have been gradually changing my outlook on gaming from less about just playing a game, to more so experiencing it.  So what do I mean by experiencing a game?  Broadly speaking, I mean truly sitting down and enjoying a game for what it is.  Whether it be a storyline, gameplay, the music, or even those times you absolutely wreck people in PvP.  Even playing a tabletop game with friends, such as D&D, Magic, or even Cards Against Humanity.  Specifically what I’m talking about right now though, are the social experiences that games can provide.

Personally, I think Destiny was a great game for me to realize that gaming can be more than just about getting together with a group of friends to shoot some aliens in the face.  I cannot count how many hours I’ve spent just simply sitting in orbit or messing around in the Tower talking to a group of friends as we’re checking out the gear we just got from finishing a raid.  These are people that have real lives and families, not just some random I met via matchmaking.  It certainly makes playing an online game feel more personable when you can ask someone how their day at work was. Continue reading


The House That REZO Built

Considering I normally throw up a link to these posts on Twitter, and I’ve gained quite a few new followers lately and I’m sure this post will draw some of them this way.  Let me start off by saying, if you are just stumbling across this then hello and welcome to my Online Discussion Place!  Or I guess you could call it a blog, I wanted to sneak that in here somewhere since my good friend FranticJ3 tweeted that the other day.  Here, I usually try to strategically place words into paragraph format and then do the same with those paragraphs in hopes to create a post that makes sense to you all.  What will you find here?  Most of the times it will be gaming related, not because I don’t want to share things that happen in my world, I’ve done that a time or two.  It’s mostly because my personal life is boring for the most part and I have so much more to talk about when it comes to games and other junk related to them.  You’ll also occasionally see some screenshots I take via the Xbox One’s built in feature or my capture card.  Somewhere around here I have a few YouTube videos posted.  Plus, if you’re a sports fan (especially that of the college football variety) then you’ll want to stick around (or check out past seasons) of my Bowl Bound series.

That’s what normally goes on here!  Again, if you’re just stopping by for the first time, thank you!  If you’re one of the people who stops by every so often when you see I posted up something new, thank you as well!  I appreciate both more than I can probably express in the words I type here.  I’m going to do the obligatory promoting here before I lose your attention to my meaningless babble that will…oh god, I’m doing it again.  Anyways, my general banter goes here; if you want to see the more serious side I have when it comes to gaming related topics.  No, seriously.  I do have one.  Drop by the Frantic Talks site and check out what we have over there.  Which includes a weekly podcast, and we do post other things there too.  We’ve been busy and haven’t had a whole lot of time to dedicate to writing new articles for a little bit.  We’re changing that though.  We’re also on Twitter, because who isn’t? Continue reading

Community, What Is It to Me?

One word that can have many meanings to different people.  What makes that word special for me?  Many things.  Community is part of my (hopefully) future career, it’s part of my enjoyment for a game, it’s more than just a gathering place for fans of say, the same game; and quite frankly, it’s part of my life.  Why do I say life?  I honestly do not know what I would be doing had I not signed up for my first online community.  In fact, if it wasn’t for me stepping out of my comfort zone about four years ago and applying to become a writer at Inside View Gaming, then eventually working my way up to be their community manager; I highly doubt I would even be typing this post up today.

So why are we here?  Good question, Grif!  Oh…never mind.  Lately (read: since two months ago) I have been taking more of an interest in the community side of games.  You could say it’s almost unhealthy (probably not, but whatever)  that I’ve been so interested with them.  I find it truly amazing that people from around the world, and of all (as the saying goes…) “walks of life” can come together and discuss something they enjoy.  Of course, since this is the internet the majority of the time people spend within a community is just insulting their intelligence or calling them names that should not be repeated in front of impressionable youth.  To be fair though, not everyone is like this within an online community; recently I’ve seen a lot of the nicer people coming forward and being more involved.  Which is great in my mind.

The first online community I ever signed up for was the forums, and at the end of this month I will have been a member for nine years.  Every year I always think that it is crazy that I’ll have been there for “x” amount of years, but it really is hard to believe I’ll have been a member of one website for that long.  Considering I was only 14 when I first signed up, a lot of my posts were very cringe worthy…I’m surprised I was only banned once honestly after reading some of them.

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The Opinion is Yours

As I type this I am under the impression that my title will most likely have nothing to do with the actual content of the post.  If you’ve been reading my posts since the early days (the days of Blogger that is) you will know that is quite a common occurrence for me.  Anyways, this post will be made more out of frustration than previous rage filled rants I have done before…which thinking back it might have been a while since I last did one.  So why am I frustrated you ask (or are not asking)?  To be honest, it was something I read from someone I used to follow on Twitter.  Once I get into explaining things you’ll see why I said “used to follow”. Continue reading

TSA…No, the Other TSA

For the record, I’m not referring to the Transportation Safety Administration.  I am actually referring to the clan I am a part of on Destiny called, The Strangers Army.  With the Taken King being released today I’m enjoying that, and enjoying the conversation amongst the clan about all the new content.  I know I’ve mentioned them before in past posts, but I don’t think I ever truly expressed how much I enjoy that place.  So I’m going to dedicate a short post to my ongoing time there, sort of as a thank you for letting me call it my metaphorical home in Destiny.

Let me give you a brief run down of my history with clans and why at first I was against them, and not considering joining one for Destiny.  My first ever clan I joined was a semi-active and fairly sized clan back in the days of Halo 3.  The Art of War had about 180 members and its prime, it was a rather nice place to consider my first clan.  I didn’t have Xbox Live at the time so I wasn’t playing with any of my “clan mates” when I was in TAoW; however I did make an impression with the admins and eventually became part of the moderation staff.  I thought that was really cool since I couldn’t play online with them yet I was still given the chance to help out more.  Shortly after that we started holding contests for promotions, people were getting mad at who was winning these contests (can’t say I blame them honestly) and I decided to part ways with them.  Drama was not what I wanted from a clan.

Pro-Tip:  Never, ever hold contests where the winner is promoted within your clan ranks.  Stupid idea and never works out.

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The Time Has Come…

Ooh…ominous title!  Actually, no it really isn’t as it has no meaning besides the fact that the time has come for me to start another post.  For the record, I started working on this on Monday, August 10th, what will be the date by the time I finish.  Now, to kick things off with the usual “oh it’s been a while hasn’t it?” stuff.  Well…it’s technically true since it has been almost three months since my post delivering my initial thoughts on The House of Wolves expansion for Destiny.  I’m sure I’ll talk about Destiny a little in this post, but I’ll try to make a more specific post about something later on; for now, this post will be about anything I can think of to throw in here since it has been a while.

On Friday (the 7th but keep in mind, it’s still August 10th) I went to a Shinedown and Otherwise concert that was held at a local theater.  It was a lot of fun to say the least, Otherwise opened the concert and while I had heard several songs from them before I can’t say I followed them a whole lot.  Their performance was really awesome, they had a lot of energy during their set I thought and put on a good show.  It is safe to say that their show made me a fan of them.  I think my favorite song they performed would be between Coming for the Throne or Die for You. Continue reading

This Should Never Surface…

After browsing through one of my good friends’ old forum, I stumbled across some rather old Halo fan-fiction I wrote.  So I figured since it has been a while since I’ve made a post here and really have nothing to talk about, plus I’m working on a post for Frantic Talks as of right now; I would let you all laugh at me for how horrible my take on fan-fiction was about 7 years ago.  Thank you @gunbladeproxy01 for keeping this around yet!  Here it is, in all of its not-so-awesome glory.

The bolt clicked forward on the MA5C Assualt Rifle as the person holding it had a little grin when he was asked to come down to the firing range to test the new weapons that had arrived from Songnam earlier that day. The person testing these new wepons was Spartan-118 Josh. He felt a senese of helplessness without his squad right at his side. He fired one whole clip in quick succesion with pinpoint acuraccy. When he reloaded the rifle he remembered when he was with his squad on a simple search and rescue mission on the planet Cedus 12.

The squad moved trough a heavy flock of trees and bushes. Thirty minutes later they came across their objective. Their objective where to find and enter the enemy base, find and recsue several captured allied pilots then finally destroy the enemy’s communication tower. When they arrived at the front gate of the enemy base Spartan-118 pulled up the schematics and found that that was the only way into the base. The only problem was the there where several X-50 automated combat turrets “Snake Bite” that had heat and motion sensor on them. They were called Snake Bite’s for the reason that they can fire 100 rounds per minute and they can be loaded with any time of munition. There was also sniper up in armored towers also on the ground they were seven to eight heavily armed ground troops.
He looked around looking for anything that we can use to create a diversion then looked to his squad and then realize he had one of the fastest spartans that had ever been trained.

“Kelly I need you to get the ground troops’ attention since you are the fastest of us all.”

“All right I’m on it”

“Good the rest of will wait here for your signal.”

As soon as she started leaving the cover they had been in for the past hour now, she noticed a pattern in some boulder’s that where on the ground. She figured she could use thoose to her advantage. So she started running from rock formation to the next. Once she got halfway to the front wall she realized that the turrets where starting to lock on to her. She was by a huge boulder at thought for a second to take cover or keep running, she decided to keep running. Just as she was about to make it to another rock formation she heard the shot of sniper and then a split second later she felt a rush of pain come up her leg. She kept running until she got to the last boulder when she heard another sniper fire their weapon she thought she had been shot again, well she was. Only this time it had grazed her armor and and it had lowered her shields down to where her armor’s audible had started going off. She fell to the ground and she thought was dead.

So yes, that was my only take on fan-fiction.  I have kind of wanted to give it a try again now that I’m not such an English newbie and have experience more game universes that I could possibly use as a setting.  The problem with that though…I lack creativity most times.  This week has been busy for me, especially since the nice weather has arrived here in Illinois.  Maybe next week, or later this week I can manage to find some screenshots and/or take some to post.  That has been something I have wanted to pick up again also.